The largest glossary of Hybrid Rudiments online featuring over Rudiments from session drummer / teacher Lewis Partridge. Hybrid Rudiment Book. Some of the more contemporary DCI geared drummers have probably already seen it. There is some crazy stuff in. A good ‘social’ list is is the hybrid rudiments book .pdf file) originally posted on this thread of : from Egg Beaters to.

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What’s the ‘next step’ in rudimental snare drumming? He told me he mainly did it so people would stop asking for”hybrid rudiment drim. It’s time we took full advantage of the centuries of development snare drummers have given to providing us with such a wealth of rudiments, patterns and techniques.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Sign up using Email and Password. Chut Cheese by Neil Sylvia. This sparked our creativity and the urge to improve. You are commenting using your Rrudiments. Rion by Danny Raymond. Patafla-fla Hybrids by Zach Schlicher. Blue Cheese by Roger Carter. Not only are you expanding your vocabulary by learning more rudiments and combinations, but you are also exposing your hands to more techniques and the improvement of applying and releasing fulcrum pressure.

Master Studies George L. Rudimenrs find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Eggbeaters by Casey Brohard. As there are an infinite number of ways to produce new patterns and add variations to those patterns, there is no end to the number of possible hybrid combinations.


Chudda Chudda Fla by Danny Raymond. If you feel that you are ready to dive into the world of Hybrid Rudiments there are plenty that you can choose from.

The Importance Of Learning Hybrid Rudiments |

Inverts, Move the Accent by Jeff Queen. Blurz by Danny Raymond. My hands have become better through learning how to adjust stick heights, fulcrum pressure, and bounce control. Calling all Drummers, Rudients and Educators! Choo-choo by Zach Schlicher. A member of The Cloud9 Mission Network. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Cheese Chutra Cheese by Jim Yakas. Also we saw an improvement in our overall technique as we were building our vocabulary. So you are not a rudimental player… Great!

At rhdiments it looks the same, with updates, obviously. Consider this… you have to ollie skater and board leap into the air to execute most tricks when street skating. More About Hybrid Rudiments. If you know of any Hybrid Rudiments that are not listed in this glossary or notice any errors or duplicates drun my pages, please contact me and help me to keep this educational resource complete and up to date. Playing hybfid loscabosdrumsticks Jazz maple and the UPP Pad by movementdrumco drumming drummer drumset drumkit drumfam drumcommunity drumlessons rudiments hybridrudiments shirleymurphy loscabosdrumsticks movementdrumco instadrummer mattdudleydrumming skypelessons education music practiceanywhere.

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Nuttchada by Zach Schlicher. Notify me of new posts via email.

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Cheese by Tom Aungst. Ninja Drummist – Official web site of session drummer and teacher Lewis Partridge. Number 37 is a paradiddle. If by chance you happen to get through both of those lists, there’s another compilation of more rudiments online here. Single Dragadiddle – A Paradiddle combined with a Drag.

Rudimental Drumming :: View topic – Hybrid Rudiments

I wish it was structured like the PAS sheet – starting with the most basic rudiment and then developing it from there – meaning if all of the flam hybrids were lumped together We add to our vocabulary, improve our reading, and learn new techniques that make playing certain passages easier.

There’s a lot of cool stuff on there but I hate it being organized by name rather than by the rudiment.

Here are a few gateway hybrids that I think can be an easy for the first attempt. The world of Hybrid Rudiments is always evolving with well over existing today.