the BUICK Emblem and the name CENTURY are registered Many people read their owner’s manual from beginning to end when they first. Buick Century Owners Manual [Buick] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Owners Manual. View and Download Buick Century owner’s manual online. General Motors Buick Century Service Manual. Buick Century Automobile pdf.

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The belt should go back out of the way. Radiator Pressure Cap C. Page of Go.

Buick Century 2002 Owner’s Manual

Parking Brake To set the parking brake, hold the regular brake pedal down with your right foot. Leaving children in a vehicle with the ignition key is dangerous for many reasons. You or others could be burned. Turn the ignition on. Put the front or rear wheels on a dolly.

Buick Century Owners Manual: Buick: : Books

Brake Adjustment GM replacement parts. Page Scheduled Maintenance 82, Miles km Rotate ownwrs. Start the engine again and repeat this only when you feel really uncomfortable from the cold. Occasionally check the coolant level in the radiator. There are only two reasons why the brake fluid level in the reservoir might go down.


In Mode 2, two chimes will be heard 202 the feature is enabled. Sitting in a reclined position when your vehicle is in motion can be dangerous. While refueling, let the fuel cap hang by the tether below the fuel fill opening.

The Plan supplements your new vehicle warranties.

After rinsing thoroughly, dry with a soft clean towel. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. An advisor will contact the appropriate help.

Buick Century Owners Manuals

Never leave a child alone in a vehicle, especially with the windows closed in warm or hot weather. A wax may then be applied. Make sure that the shoulder belt crosses the shoulder.

If possible, an older child should wear a shoulder belt and get the additional restraint a If the gage pointer moves into the red area, your engine is too hot!

Alcohol affects four things that anyone needs to drive a vehicle: You can brighten or dim the instrument panel lights by adjusting the exterior lamps control located to the right of the exterior lamps control.


You can be burned if you spill coolant on hot engine parts. Convenience Net If Equipped Your vehicle may have a convenience net.


If it does, let it go back all the way and start again. Or, the pedal may go closer to the floor. Let up on the brake pedal. There is a glow dark trunk release handle located inside the trunk on the latch.

How does an air bag restrain? You get more time to stop. The double D symbol will appear on the display. Get a city map and plan your trip into an unknown part of the city just as you would for a cross country trip.

It is dangerous to get out of your vehicle if the shift lever is not fully in PARK P with the parking brake firmly set.