instruction booklet or visit the Electronic Services web site. Visit our web site for .. your Form. Return. K shows an address other than Kansas, you must enclose a copy of your federal return (EZ, A 38, 38, 2, 1, Note. This booklet does not contain any tax forms. EZ. Department of the Treasury. Internal Revenue Service. IRS Instructions. With. Note: This booklet does not contain any tax forms. . file Form EZ will vary depending on individual circumstances. The Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Montana , .. 2, 13, 4, 10, 7, 13, 2, 2,

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With the exception of Free File, every other electronic filing method increased in Determined the history of the TeleFile Program and created a timeline outlining the major events.

Eliminating TeleFile Increased the Cost and Burden of Filing a Tax Return for Many Taxpayers

For Businesses Starting a Business? Individual Income Tax Return Form May – The ETA reported the following results of a cost study: List of State holidays when offices are closed Record requests I’m being audited, what now? March – IRS study indicated the main reason taxpayers chose to TeleFile was the simplicity of filing via the telephone. Number of returns filed using TeleFile. The participation rate was 24 percent 3. While the IRS must continue to become as efficient as possible, it is imperative that decisions regarding its customer service and return processing programs include an accurate and timely evaluation of the costs and benefits of those programs, as well as the impact and burden on taxpayers.

While the IRS must continue to become as efficient as possible, it is imperative that decisions regarding its customer service and return processing programs include an accurate and timely evaluation of the costs and the benefits of those programs. We then added the three costs together to arrive at our total cost estimate. These costs included either the purchase of tax preparation software packages and related fees to file their returns online from their homes or fees paid to tax professionals to prepare and file their tax returns.


We estimate a significant portion Specifically, it attempted to ensure it was sending TeleFile tax packages only to those eligible taxpayers who were using or were likely to use the Program.

Met with the National Taxpayer Advocate to discuss any booklwt regarding the elimination of the Program. There are three ways in which a taxpayer could have paid to file his or her tax return. The Board believed that, while the number of taxpayers who used TeleFile was declining, most likely in favor of Internet-based electronic filing, taxpayers who qualified for TeleFile needed only a telephone to use the system.

As a result of this evaluation, the requirements for a taxpayer to qualify to receive a TeleFile tax package changed annually. Appendix VI provides a description of the specific legislation and related credits and deductions.

Account contains codes indicating a miscellaneous change of entity or the issuance of a tax delinquent account due to noncompliance conditions. The IRS also did not adequately consider all relevant data when making its decision.

Individual Income Tax Forms The page numbers on instructions may not be consecutive. The Form EZ was not updated to allow taxpayers to claim this exclusion; therefore, taxpayers claiming the exclusion booklett not eligible to use the TeleFile Program. To use the fill function, switch to a different browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or download the pdf to your computer and open it using Acrobat Reader. IRS considers ending TeleFile. It also identified the tax return filing alternatives available to TeleFile users.

However, the cost estimates in these studies were incomplete and contained critical errors bopklet affected their accuracy. Deputy Inspector General for Audit. The IRS collected annual operating cost data in addition to the cost-per-return studies.

Individual Income Tax Forms

Computation of estimate for amount paid by taxpayers who used software and filed electronically. Next, we determined the total cost that taxpayers incurred to file using each of the three methods.

In responding to the survey, 44 percent of the nonusers stated they might be encouraged to use TeleFile if they could also use it to file their State returns. However, taxpayers wanting to claim the deduction or credit were required to file a Form or Form A; therefore, they were no longer eligible to use the TeleFile Program.


Kansas Department of Revenue – Division of Taxation – Individual Income Tax Forms

To obtain the sample, we extracted tax return data fform all taxpayers who used TeleFile to file their Tax Year TY tax returns. The page numbers on instructions may not be consecutive. To estimate the cost that taxpayers incurred to file their tax returns, we first estimated the number of taxpayers who would have been eligible to use TeleFile and filed tax returns using each of the three ofrm. Taxpayer was born Atx 1, These figures do not include those taxpayers who would have become eligible to use TeleFile for the first time in but had to choose other methods to file their income tax returns.

Moving was the number one reason 44 percent of taxpayers why taxpayers who received a TeleFile tax package were ineligible to file. Online filing was not the cause of the decrease in TeleFile. Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. Because the concerns we identified regarding the use of inaccurate and incomplete data to support program decisions have been previously reported to the IRS, we did not make recommendations in hooklet report.

We have indications that, if corrected, the differences taz the processing methods may not have justified eliminating the TeleFile Program when the IRS did. However, Form EZ was not updated to account for these tax law changes; therefore, taxpayers who established a medical booklett account, received accelerated death benefits, or received benefits from a long-term care insurance policy were no longer able to file using a Form EZ or TeleFile.

There were two broad criteria that a taxpayer must have met to be eligible for TeleFile: TeleFile usage increased 65 percent to approximately 4. Involved in an open criminal investigation. Volunteer Income Tax Assistance sites. TeleFile usage declined 3. It also includes the methodology used to estimate the cost incurred by these taxpayers.