The 2N, 2N, and 2N are silicon transistors in a TO66 type package designed for high- speed switching and linear amplifier applications for . Manufacturer Part No: 2N Newark Part No.: 58R Also Known As: GTIN UPC EAN: Technical Datasheet: 2N Datasheet. 2N Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2N Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics.

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Now i fix pinball boards to pay for my hobby. This page was optimised for printing. Modern and still made replacement for the TO transistor would be a BUX85 at less than a buck apiece. Dagasheet install is easy and painless, clip the middle leg and install like a 2n Regardless of transistor type – this circuit is still dissipating the same amount of power.

The metal tab, un-insulated.

Had wireless ankle straps on the person with anti-tamperGPS tracking that was fun to testbuilt in breath-analyzer didn’t get to datashert that onecameras Yes the heat sink datazheet still be required to be in place. Next i understood how to test and figure out when all the different types of components are bad. In the end it doesn’t really matter as long as the solenoids are clacking and the lights are flashing!

Replacing obsolete Bally/Stern HV TO-66 transistor with more available TO-220

I hate re replacing things. Jurassic Park Smart Scoop Lighting.


These almost always fail in a set of 2n33584. That is valid part number at a good price. Well, with out the heat sink it may get too hot.

If the current is mA randomly high but believable value then the power dissipated is 8 watts. Wish I could have learned it years ago.

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2N NTE Equivalent NTE T-NPN SI SW LINEAR AP – Wholesale Electronics

The BUX84 i found are plastic non conductive on the mounting tab. A monster heat sink like that may make that part last literally forever.

Could the lmk be replaced with a t in a similar fashion to using the bux85 for the or is the pin config too far off? Yep — BUX85’s on this page: As you can see from the back side, no tricks in mounting it. Had some issues with a Bally SDB. Then i started get into the theory of how and why things work the way they do and i am still shakey on it. I always use BUT11A without any problems. Bumping cause this is good info and those new to the hobby might have missed a good piece of info.

Topic Gallery There have been 3 images uploaded to this topic. So, the thermal resistance is nearly identical. If you don’t replace them in a set, you risk shorting them again.


Do you have any Bux in stock yet? Or use a heat sink for the TO? This power is dissipated as heat. LMT might fit as 2h3584 pinout would match. So I found this thread and ordered up a 10 pack of BUX85’s. Only sure way to test is out of circuit. Now think I may have 23584 the and the other I don’t think I would try that. Lots of experience with linear and switching power supplies on that job as well as solenoid drivers and mechanical stuff.

I probably could have used a different heat sink but I wanted to keep it looking factory as possible. Here is how you can mount a TO package transistor with datsheet modification. I was in construction all my life and I missed out on this electronic stuff.

View topic image gallery. But turn that V down to save your Plasma tubes. Replaced the 2n and the non-heatsinked and for a few seconds it output the correct voltage then nothing.

Thermionic Pinside member 3y 41, Certain page elements may have been deliberately hidden. Can’t beat the price.