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The GS-R VB is particularly suited for multiple output power supplies, because up to four units can be synchronized. The very large input volta- ge range allows flexibility in both professional and industrial applications. The products listed in the following pages represent only a part of the whole products range designed and manufactured by the SGS Subsystems group.

For vertical deflection, requiring higher powers than SGS integrated solutions see page 79 can provi- de, a wide range of standard transistors and darlingtons are manufactured by SGS see pages 1 13 to 1 This pin is connected to case.

The SGS range of current capability and choice of packages are second to non. GNDi – Ground Common ground for input voltage. In addition the availability of V devices offers extra margin for flyback topologies used at up to 50kHz. Each device is presented along with its essential electrical characteristics. Ceramic Pin-grid arrays — 64,68,84, and leads.

Ceramic DIPs — 16,18,20,24,28,40 and 48 leads. Henrique Schaumann – CJ33 Tel.: Binary Counter with Sync.


GNDout – Ground Common ground of high current path. Datssheet is the optimum solution when small numbers of SMICs are being used in mixed surface and through-hole mounting assemblies. The power dissipation is equiva- lent to a non isolated SOT TO device mounted with external electrical isolation. To be connected to Datashedt 0 when not used. For easy consultation the products have been divided into several sections according to the main application sectors.


Full text of ” sgs:: The combination of LSTTL speed and the advantages of CMOS which are extremely low power dissipa- tion and wider operating supply voltage range will remarkably realize not only low total power dissipation of high speed digital systems, but also develop new application fields such as high speed portable in- struments which could not be achieved with current LSTTL or CMOS devices. With its fast turnaround time and low development cost gate arrays is the ideal solution for low production volume design.

74HC Datasheet catalog

The following represent a small selection from a very dqtasheet range. If you are interested in discussing custom chip designs contact your nearest sales office for more infor- mation.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The power datashet is equivalent to a non isolated SOT TO device mounted with external electrical isolation. The range covers consumer to military temperature ranges and is available in four packages options. Reset voltage is high 5. Olivetti 2, Agrate Brianza-ltaly Tel.: Decade Counter with Sync.

Plastic chip carriers — 20,44,68 and 84 leads. Maximum voltage must not exceed 40 V. The following are a selection of some of the most popular devices. Speciali- sing in advanced technologies and packages for demanding applications, SGS is particularly strong in the industrial, automotive and telecommunications sectors. On request virtually all devices are supplied in wafer form for hybrid assembly; SGS has established high volume experience in this service. Max output current is 3.


7 – 25 पेज –

Factional HP motors are being used for robotics and automated handling. Max 2 HSG 32 1 3 36 5.

The case is electrically connected to GND. For output rectification fast recovery power diodes page 55 are available. Pentawatt LA Power Op. The ROM capacity is limited to 4K. GND 2 – Ground Common ground of high current path.

74HC386 – Search –To M74HC386

No license is granted by implication or otherwise under any patent or patent rights of SGS. The availability of bipolar power transistors, fast recovery power diodes and Power MOS with a choice of package styles enable an optimum solution to be found.

Lauderdale Orlando Kierulff Electronic Ft. Zodiac chips are therefore cheap to develop and cheap to produce. In this type of package the leads are folded under the package ready for surface mounting. However, no responsibility is assumed for the consequences of its use nor for any infringement of patents or other rights of third parties which may result from its use.

The family has a unique architecture, the main features of which are Operating System software support, Compiler support and memory ma- nagement. Max 2 HSG 44 52 1. New products will be introduced in the year: Maximum voltage must not exceed 48 V. Southfield, Ml Civic Center Dr. The case of the module is connected to this pin.