Akamai’s back with yet another snapshot of the state of the internet and, as the foremost perpetrator of “observed attack traffic” in Q4 Reference: Akamai State of the Internet Q4 1. INcludes INsIght oN mobIle traffIc aNd coNNected deVIces from erIcssoNVolume 5. Akamai Releases Q4, ‘State of the Internet’ Report: Healthy, Growing Faster but Under Attack. By Peter Bernstein April 24, These past few days have.

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Finally, it also should ov noted that this is much more than merely anecdotal information. China detains scientist who claims to have made gene-edited babies.

akamai – oAfrica

Click here to read full bio. That stat’s just one slice of the sprawling cybersecurity picture painted by the company, which also ranks China as the foremost perpetrator of “observed attack traffic” in Q4numbering that country’s share at 41 percent. Aksmai 23 Telnet was again second at 7.

It is a good thing IPv6 is ready, even if implementation readiness is not where one might think it would be. This is one the industry and policy makers focus on and there is good news for all of us.

Data collected by Ericsson shows that mobile data traffic doubled from the fourth quarter of to the fourth quarter ofand grew 28 percent between the third and fourth quarter of How to Combat Fake News By: Not surprisingly financial and business services were main targets but the bad guys spread their malevolence around.

The aka,ai this is an industry observer and analyst delight is the granularity provided in the geographic and other breakdowns that make comparisons easy. The country figures are particularly revealing. Internft is supported as well by the long-term trends observed over the five-year history of the State of the Internet Report,” explained David Belson, the report’s editor. The report also reviews mobile browser usage by network connection type collected by Akamai IO.

If you’re keen to digest even more of these sobering statistics, we recommend you hit up the source for the full executive summary and even more infographics. From Binge Watching to Bad Actors: But data transport costs – a….


Akamai’s State of the Internet Report

Senior Editor Click here to read full bio. Port Microsoft-DS remained the most targeted port in the fourth quarter, receiving 29 percent of attack traffic.

These past few days have been good ones for looking at the health and welfare of the online world. It is estimated that Akamai sees as much as 30 percent of all Internet traffic. And, while I have not included the pertinent information about IPv4 exhaust, by all means take a close look.

With all the apps for verifying identity, there is no technology to differentiate fake news from real news. The fourth quarter of saw average connection speeds on surveyed mobile network operators range from a high of just over 8.

For those of us who reside in the U. Since a single IP address can represent multiple individuals in some cases — such as when users access the Web through a firewall or proxy server — Akamai estimates the total number of unique Web users connecting to its platform during the quarter to be well over one billion. From around the web. Attack Ot and Top Ports Attacked: Based on data gathered from the Akamai Intelligent Platform, the report provides insight into key global statistics including: For the mobile flipside, Akamai found that average global speeds hovered between 8Mbps to kbps down, with peak downlink speeds coming in at 44Mbps to 2.

On a much lighter note, global high-speed broadband adoption defined as any speed equal or greater than 10Mbps grew by 2. Global Average and Peak Connection Speeds: Paradoxically there are apps that can make…. Quarter-over-quarter, the global average connection speed rose five percent to 2. China’s inernet video game approvals in months don’t include Tencent.

Akamai can identify the top countries from which attack traffic originates, as well as the top ports targeted by these attacks. While not necessarily a perfect indicator of future country economic performance, it is not a bad place to start.

Akamai’s back with yet another snapshot of the state of the internet and, surprise surprise, it’s reporting that DDoS attacks were up threefold last year versus The bulk of mobile data requests sent to Akamai’s platform saw Android’s Webkit browser and Apple’s Mobile Safari come in nearly neck-and-neck at China again is the single largest volume source of observed traffic at 41 percent of the total, up from 33 percent in the prior quarter.


Akamai Releases Q4, 2012 ‘State of the Internet’ Report: Healthy, Growing Faster but Under Attack

We believe that this points to greater availability of broadband connectivity, as well as increased speeds on those connections. Staye when you expand that to overall network traffic, Safari reigns supreme with a There were also some other interesting factoids in the 48 page report that make it a nice companion piece to statte I think are the other must read studies.

The history of government actions taken to reduce the emissions of automobiles and all combustion engines is an exhaustive list going back over half a…. This is non-trivial though since study after study have shown the importance of next generation communications infrastructure on economic vitality.

Again, there is good news on the mobility speed front as the trend is directionally correct. Why is Smart RegTech a necessity for compliance and how can businesses identify the right technology solutions that will address any concerns with AI-….

Akamai, Q4State of the Internet Report. Whether you’re binge watching, shopping, co-browsing, or doing a google search on your Smart TV, bear in mind you’re interacting with another computer…. Chinese schools keep tabs on kids with ‘intelligent uniforms’. To put that into better perspective, consider that the number two and three offenders — the U.

Akamai Releases Q4, ‘State of the Internet’ Report: Healthy, Growing Faster but Under Attack

The IoT is generating enormous streams of real-time data that needs to be efficiently collected, processed, and analyzed. Turkey took over Russia’s number three spot with 4.

The company notes that the originating country as identified by the source IP address may not represent the nation in which an attacker resides.