Recent discoveries in vacuum physics show that this Akashic field is real and has its In Science and the Akashic Field philosopher and scientist Ervin Laszlo. Explains how modern science has rediscovered the Akashic Field of .. In the book Science and the Akashic Field, Author Ervin Laszlo has put into words a. Science and the Akashic Field. By (author) Ervin Laszlo This field, the Akashic record, is the constant and enduring memory of the universe, holding the .

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What really ‘bothers me, however, is that the ‘akasha’ from which the new term is derived, comes from Hinduism, and is to be found in Brahma This is the understanding that states that matter is not and cannot ever become conscious, rather that consciousness appears in the form of matter if we limit the context enough. Laszlo is generally recognized as the founder of systems philosophy Ervin Laszlo is a systems fifld, integral akxshic, and classical pianist.

This book is an illustrative example of how complex, philosophic and unachievable to experience a theory-of-everything TOE can become once you wander too far down the wrong rabbit hole.

A well known scientist and philosopher named Ervin Laszlo, in his recently published book, Science and the Akashic Field shows that it may not only be a super dense sea of frictionless energy but also a sea of information conveying the historical experience of matter.

All in all, I found Science and the Akashic Field to be a fulfilling read.

CJ Martes-The Angel Connection

akasbic The latter chapter I found the most interesting. If he had placed the Akashic field and record within the universal consciousness, and this is an imperfect albeit spaceless artifact of the One-mind, all would be fine.


Design and evolution do not exclude each other; indeed they require one another. In one limiting context, it may appear as a dog, in a lower one as a cell and in a lower one still as a rock.

Ervin László

My kind of book. Drawing on anomalies and advances in cosmology, quantum physics, biology, and consciousness studies, he shows how the discovery in physics of the zero point energy field ZPE akaashic, is also the discovery of a universal information field.

Remove our belief in any particular context and consciousness will no longer appear in that form. But reason would say that one must be cause and the other the effect, and this effect is entirely dependent on its cause.

Nov 03, Steven Walker rated it liked it. For concerns on copyright infringement please see: Using the Sanskrit and Vedic term for ” space “, Akashahe calls this information field the “Akashic field” or “A-field”.

Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything

He has published books endorsing spiritual evolution and quantum woo. His basic premise is a philosophic one, built upon the life works of brilliant scholars in each of these fields.

The most interesting part was in the introduction with its theory of field of zero-point energies. In the book Science and the Akashic Field, Author Ervin Laszlo has put into words a magnificent description of this field in a language that nearly anyone interested can understand.

There are a few stretches where his efforts to popularize 20th century physics are pretty good, but I doubt that any reader who would benefit from them would be able to tell when he goes off the deep end.


Want to Read saving…. He therefore ties the Akashic field A-Field to physical existence and the existing notions of the gravitational field, the electromagnetic field and the Higgs field.

Ervin László – Wikipedia

Retrieved from ” https: Ervin Laszlo gives an unstructured recollection of scientific, pseudo-scientific and esoteric information as evidence of the existence and workings of a unified field. The interesting thing about akashif book, besides the fact that it explains the Akashic field everything that ever happened is recorded somewhere and some people have the ability to access this field where the information is stored is that it explains how people think they remember their past lives through accessin the Akashic field.

International Society for the Systems Sciences Presidents.

Quantum scientists recently discovered a new area of time and space called the Quantum vacuum. What a wonderful gem of a book. Refresh and try again. I did not read this akaahic but browsed it instead. And so consciousness like any good river flows downstream to lower and lower levels based on more and more restrictive akahsic limiting contexts into which we put it.

For many years he has served as president of the Club of Budapest, which he founded. These records connect us to each other he often said.