Title: Abdur-Rahman al-Sudays Dua Qunoot. Topics: Dua, Dua Qunoot. Tags: Duaa, qunoot. Title: Abdur-Rahman al-Sudays Dua Qunoot. Listed Under. A collection pf Al Qunut by some famous islamic imams as Sheikh sudais, Sheikh Shuraim, Sheikh saad Al Gamidi, Sheikh Jibril Abdallah Sheikh Ahmad. Al Qunut By Sudais Pdf Download –

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Let all they have done be done to them. You qunuy commenting using your Facebook sudaiss. Dua Qunoot 1 Dua Qunoot 2. They are helpless, so help them. Plot for them, and suffice them with what You please, if You support them then nobody can overpower them, and if You forsake them, then who will be able to support them after You? Whoever has wl them, then harm him, and whoever has shown enmity to them, then show enmity to them.

Destroy those who spread them and who make them and who trade in them. O Mighty, O Powerful!. DuaDua Qunoot Tags: Dua Qunoot 2 http: We seek refuge in the Light of Your Face for which darknesses shine, and with which the affairs of this life and the Hereafter become good, from Your anger or displeasure fall upon us.

Allahumma-nsuril-Islama wa ahlahu fi kulli makaan.

Dua Qunoot – Sheikh Sudais by Fahad R. Sheikh | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Bring down Your help and support, You are their helper and supporter, and for You they will fight. Let us see the good as good, and bless us with following it.


Grant this Ummah a guiding command, by which those who obey You are strengthened, and those who disobey Ssudais are degraded, and in which the good is commanded and the evil is forbidden with clear knowledge, O Lord of Majesty and Bounty.

Dua Qunoot 1 Dua Qunoot 2. Dua Qunoot 1 http: Can any one upload the text of dua e qunoot by ibrahim jibreen Reply. Allahumma salli ala Muhammadin wa ala Muhammad, kamaa sallayta ala Ibraheema wa alaa aali Ibrahim, Innaka hameedun Majeed. Raise the standing of Islam and the Muslims. La ilaha illa anta subhanaka, inna kunna minadh-dhalimeen.

Duaas Duaa is the weapon of the believers. Home Books Links About. Verily, you are Praiseworthy, Glorious. This is the complete translation and transliteration of the dua from the famous qunoot done by Mashari Rashid Al-Afasy. Quran Recitation Listen to the beautiful recitations from great Qari reciters.

Al qunut- sudais

Lecturers Popular Favorites Latest Tags. Duaaqunoot. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: If You are not angry at us, we would not care, for Your pardon is greater for us. Dua Qunoot 1 Play Add to playlist. Abdur-Rahman al-Sudays Dua Qunoot. Pour upon them patience, make them steadfast, and grant them victory over the Disbelivers. And You are our Lord, to whom will you entrust us? Duaaqunoot Title: Quran Recitation Listen to the beautiful recitations from great Qari reciters.

Dua Qunoot 1 Play Add to playlist. Enable our Imam to act by what You love and what pleases you, and lead him by his forelock to righteousness and piety. We want Your help against them and seek Your protection qunnut their atrocities. Grant him Your guidance, and be pleased with his deeds, and grant him a guiding, righteous inner sense that guides him and helps him to what is good, O Lord of Majesty and Skdais.


You are commenting using your WordPress. We seek Your protection and Your promise. Contact us Join us Follow us ali deen-ul-islam. Grant us security in our lands, and continue to bless us with peace and settlement there. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Allahumma innahum maghloobuna qnut lahum. Books Read Islamic Books online. You have the right to admonish until You are pleased, and there is no power and no might except in You. Your allies are strong, Your praise is glorified, Your names are sanctified.

To You have we submitted our souls, in You have we believed, upon You have we sudwis, for You have we argued, to You have we taken our judgement, so forgive us all that we have done and what we have not done, what we have hidden and what we have disclosed.

And enable all the guardians of the Muslims to act by Your Book, and follow the sunnah of Your prophet Skdais peace be upon him.