FixFakeFlash – solution Alcor controller (chip set not mentioned) identified with VID & PID Unchanged, Controller changed to: AU serial. FixFakeFlash – solution AU controller identified with VID = Alcor VID = F PID = Repair Fake Flash Drive SolutionIn “Alcor”. Repair transcend flash online alcor micro AU/AU for end online format tool can format and repair any Transcend flash.

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AK AB 0H4.

I was able to successfully low-level reformat it, partly using information from this page, as the first VID and PID I found matched those of this page. Allcor 17, at December 25, at May 1, at Search On Our Website.

Alcor flashboot firmware update software

The most reliable source for the size of the flash device is the memory chip. Maybe one of you guys has more luck than I did…. May 1, at 7: April 30, at 2: AlcorMP tool is a free Alcor format software.

Muhammad Mudassir December 29, at Search On Our Website. Q from Star Trek i am assuming. Download the Kingston USB repair tools and if you have a problem ,please leave a comment describe your problem and we will fix it very soon.


Alcor Micro Controller Part-Number: November 25, at 1: Me too have had trouble with 2 disk bought on ebay, were supposed to be 16gb but were just 4gb. Designed with by Ah6983 Distributed by Blogger Themes. If it can i assume that tool does fix properly and by default does not set to 4gb, else if your true flash key capacity is 2 gb, and its set to 4gb, it might not be the right fix.

It appears to be working correctly as a 2GB drive now. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I suggest you do.


You must try and try many tools to find the appropriate one. I tried google but no success, please share your experience if some one has come alcr similar kind of Nand Flash chip. August 15, at 1: I mean not always the product that holds the flash info can fix it.

alcog I have tried the MPaux but it seems my chip version is not registered in it. Threrefore, no read write conflicts!!! Test finished without errors.


Alcor VID = F PID = Repair Fake Flash Drive Solution « FixFakeFlash Inspectortech

Unless au683 a temp. The 4Gb partition passes the H2TestW test no problem. So not sure, plus i went back to that mydigit site, and guess what, even their userpay.

Not available Chip Code: Does anybody cn give me a clue? The controller is Alcor AU Download Alcor flashboot firmware software and repair corrupted Alcor chip controllers.

You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. It will help you find the right low level formating tool to use. Both of the drives i got looked identical, were bought from the same seller, and were the same size, 4gb imaged to 16gb, but they had different chipsets in them.

October 30, at 5: September 19, at 9: August 13, at 7: I tried with the latest AlcorMP but the memory chip is not listed there.