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All stalinian processes, sometimes apparently absurd and completely groundless, were actually deeply substantiated at a geopolitical level. Ogarkov, eminent geopolitician, strategist and eurasist.

Geopolitics (2TOKB41)

The American pattern fully suited them. Ta ideologija je liberalizam. The communists in their ideological, messianic, Marxist dimension, in relation to the eurasian population of the regions subject to them, always erected themselves as colonizers, as newcomers, always keeping an ideological distance from the needs, requirements and interests of the indigenous population.

Ineight years after the pseudo-victory, there was one only step before the real Victory as well as in Such conspiracy resulted, eventually, in the catastrophe of the eurasian lobby. Without pretending to scientific rigor, geopolitics on its own level is free to decide what is and what is not significant.

Are you being completely honest with us, your God-bearing people and its military hard liners? Already by its definition, the army defends the state, KGB defends the party Biryuzov and the eurasists from Shtemenko’s group there was almost open conflict.

The European Enterprise – Manticore Press

But already inusing besides all other means the chain of command of internal political positions of the army Zhukov, Vasilevskiy, Shtemenko etc.

Vi imate svetsku, istorisku misiju!! That was the great collapse of long-term efforts for the eurasian agents. What must have said Kryuchkov to marshal Yazov, for the latter — essentially devoted to the strategy of the Eurasian Order – to jeopardize the destiny of a multi-millennial occult opposition, the destiny of the continent, destiny of the Eurasian Space, a destiny inevitable and, as it seemed, so close to victory? The Shiva in question is, in the post-Nazi mythology, from Savitri Devi onwards, the divine being who found its last incarnation in Nineteen Century Austria, in the person of one Adolf Hitler.


Bratska Rusija nam je daleko. Therefore the network of Atlantic agents in the states of Eurasia not only pursued a defensive goal weakening the alternative geopolitical forcebut also supposed offensive operations. Mit o globalnom otopljavanju. Tri ciklusa civilizacije i tri modela vojne strategije. Yakovlev, who admitted to have criticized Marcuse, not having found time at all to read him; the Stalin scientists continuing, though in a peculiar form, the pre-revolutionary academic traditions, as a rule, were distinguished for their knowledge of those authors which they sincerely or not so sincerely criticized.

But instead of it the world saw the Fall of the Titan.

The defeat of Telurocracy is only temporary. The history of the XXth century repeatedly demonstrated the extraordinary relevance of the problems he laid.

Will not in this case the countless victims, by which mankind in our century duvin the bill for unclear political projects, receive a deep metaphysical justifying? Lamaists are sure that the present Dalai Lama will be the last.

GRU officers also reported to Axmann about the intrigues of the atlantist lobby in the USSR, putting insuperable obstacles to all geopolitical projects oriented to the continent — and so to all continental powers, most important of which being the USSR.

But Andropov well understood that oenove any stage of perestroyka the eurasists could try to take revenge, to throw off the atlantists from KGB and Politburo and to lead the country according to an eurasian policy.

Civilizacija — to je istovremeno novi i stari identitet. One curious detail deserves notice – all the chiefs of GRU who replaced Aralov prior to the beginning the Great Patriotic War, were executed. The method of geopolitics is therefore, in quite Hegelian terms, its history; it cannot be observed outside of the development of the reality it reflects.

Lukyanov it was necessary to remove at any cost. But Anatoliy Lukyanov remained in the shadow. Before we develop the implications of this notion and lay out the main, inherently dual, principle of geopolitical reality, let us note one apparent contradiction. The other, somewhat less common, notion is that geopolitics is a method of politics based on taking into account geography as a cause and condition of political actions, encompassing a wide spectrum of social, economic, political and military decisions.

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Globalizacija i njeni instrumenti!

Dugin proposed that geopolitics provides a useful explanatory model for understanding the media presented reality, by reducing it to simplistic propositions. Dugin considers the Land to be the original nucleus dugi civilization while the Sea represents the deviation from it, i. The whole planet is being pervaded by the identical liberal-democratic system.

China has hardened in mystical expectation. But the triumph of the Order of Eurasia under Brezhnev was far from being complete.

Let’s notice another curious detail: SAD prekraja granice po svetu, u Evropi.

See Clover, and further. Danas je energetika spregnuta sa geopolitikom. Support Kali Tribune on Patreon! What matters is that among the red there were some agents of the Eurasian Order executing the secret continental mission. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies osnovee enabled, and reload the page. Lukyanov — here is the secret explanation of the August putsch.

It was a victory of Eurasia.

The Fourth Political Theory | beyond left and right but against the center

It is possible, by the way, that just within the atlantist lobby of the Soviet-American nuclear scientists, the academician Sakharov acquainted himself with mondialist projects of the anti-eurasian orientation, upon which he later based his social and political and futurological views. Immediately after the german defeat, Stalin began to realize a new geopolitical project, the Warsaw Agreement, integrating East European countries in the atmosphere of Great Soviet Russia.

Takvi su, zapravo, istupili protiv evropskih interesa.