User guide • Read online or download PDF • ALESIS QS7 User Manual • ALESIS Musical Instruments. QS – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: Alesis QS7 Image Alesis MMT-8 Not Syncing Minimoog Properly Hi all read the manual about multitimbral but can’t seem to get it into action do I have to.

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In other words, you can gate the effect maanual the Modulator so that it stops when you are not playing any notes. Send 1 pitch feedback When in Mix Play Mode, the [1 00], [1 1 0] and [1 20] buttons will not function, Mixes only go from 00 to Alesis shall have the right to refuse to sell or otherwise transfer repair parts or materials to you in its sole msnual. Sound layer, and set which of the four effect sends each Sound layer will use for signal processing such as reverb, delay, and chorus—or any combination of these.

Alesis QS7 Reference Manual

In the case of a Stereo Chorus, the signal is split into three parts with a dry signal and a separate Detuning section for both left and right channels. In this event, pass the unit. The 16 bit data and 9 msnual address busses operate the same as any standard micro processor.

Amplitude that increases over time gives the effect of brass, woodwind, and some bowed instruments. Any other changes to the PCBs are outlined in Section 6. Higher positive values increase the amount of Pitch LFO modulation.

In order to hear anything on a particular channel, enable Keyboard control and set the Range so that the low note and high note values are set beyond where you want to play. Chapter 7 Stereo Flange. You can only store Mixes and Programs into their respective User banks.


The shipping carton was designed to protect the unit during shipping. aalesis

See page allesis 19 in Chapter 8 for more information on the Clock parameter. The Release is the time that the envelope takes to get from the sustain level back down to nothing.

Mix name digit 3 8.


Many Functions provide more than one parameter, and so have multiple pages available. Without a correct RST signal during power up and power down, any number of problems can occur. Each Function has one or more parameters in its Function Group. The LFO Depth, which is the amount of pitch alteration, can be adjusted to produce the desired effect.

The harder you press on the keys, the greater the degree of modulation. Since distance between the switches is preset in the design, time difference alrsis taken as a direct measure of velocity. All you have to do is select a Program location 00 – within the User Bank to store the edited Mix into. Send 2 reverb balance However, the shorter the cable, the better.

Send 4 reverb balance Int 48kHz, Int mnual The Program name can be up to 10 characters long. With some parameters, the modulation amount can be positive or negative. Goodwin Technical Services Coordinator.

All banks can be stored to by the user, and it comes with additional Programs and Mixes pre-stored. But, the number of pages a function has available will differ when another effect send is selected using the [00] – [30] buttons. Mix Output Level to increase or decrease.

Note that the transformers of countries outside the United States are varied according to the power grid requirements for that country.


Note that there is now only 1 page available, since the other reverb parameters are found back on effect send 1. Individual broken keys are easily replaced by releasing the clip as shown in Figure Page Delay and Pitch 1. Parameters 11 through 16 are identical to configuration 0. Weighted, Plastic and Maximum. Intended for computer applications, a UPS allows you to complete an orderly shutdown of a computer system in the event of a power outage, and the isolation it provides from the power line minimizes all forms of interference — spikes, noise, etc.

P4 The current generation of Alesis 35 Watt in line transformers. The Rate value is affected by the Portamento value see above.

When you are auditioning Mixes, you will be in Mix Play Mode. Each page provides a different parameter. Set the value anywhere between 00 and 99 and you will get a combination of both, with partiality toward whichever mode the value is closest to.

Alesis QS7.1 User Manual

Send 2 resonator tuning When set to a high number, the distortion will not occur until the signal feeding the overdrive becomes louder than the Threshold setting.

This is especially important as the H8 must be able write to the Sound card as well as read from it. If this is set to 00, the Filter Envelope will have no output and will have no effect, while at 99 it will have a maximum effect on whatever it is qs routed to.