American Son has ratings and 45 reviews. Rachelle said: Realistic and edgy portrayal. I know exactly what the two brother, Tomas and Gabe feel, and h. American Son is a novel that was written by American author Brian Ascalon Roley and published by W. W. Norton & Company Publishing in paperback format in. Tomas is the son who helps pay the mortgage by selling attack dogs to rich people .. Excerpted from American Son by Brian Ascalon Roley.

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A little after the family had moved from the Philippines to California, the father leaves them.

A powerful novel about ethnically fluid California, and the corrosive relationship between two Filipino brothers. After finishing the novel I felt like I needed to wake up from a bad dream. Yet the ending did have the ring of truth because sometimes in life, and especially in the Filipino family dynamic, the consequences one faces for their actions aren’t always physical and direct.

American Son | W. W. Norton & Company

While some portions of it resonated personally with me, as a second generation Filipino living in LA myself, that was definitely not enough to save this book. Discover what to read next. He trains guard dogs and seems to have a good relationship with the dogsit’s just humans he is violent towards.

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American Son by Brian Ascalon Roley

I’m not too sure. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Whether this is deliberate or not cannot be confirmed. Although the book doesn’t end all neatly tied up in a little bundle, I think it reflects more accurately real life and it’s vagaries. He vrian a gang member without a gang. Or does that make the book disappointing? Sep 28, Derek rated it really liked it.


Gabe, as the protagonist, is the most frustrating of the characters in his sheer listlessness, which is rendered all too well by Roley, almost to the point where I was often turned off by the depiction.

The younger son there is more hope for but he is pulled in all directions – big brother is horrible and controlling, other ineffective and struggling but he tries to help her, and other relatives who also put in their two penneth. Trivia About American Son.

He’s writing about these particular Filipinos, characters with a specific backstory that causes them to act in certain ways–three-dimensional ways. But that is just Roley keeping it real.

At the same time, I think the intention of the ambiguous ending was not for something overly dramatic to happen but for the reader to root for Gabe to do something more dramatic than what was expected of him before, without going OOC.


Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. The way she [Gabe’s mother] looked at that moment–it haunts me–and I go over it in my head, trying to figure out ascaloj she was feeling. Their Anglo-American father, long-gone, has left them with little more than a mixed heritage that challenges both their sense of self and place in the world. Come home, urges Uncle Betino in a letter from Manila at the beginning of Roley’s tale.


And the word Flip, that’s what they used to say before Pinoy, even when referring to themselves. I wasn’t sure what to make of Gabe–the young son and narrator–and Tomas, the kuya and gangster, but that was probably the point. Mar 06, Carrie rated it it was ok. American Son was a really great book that invoked some interesting thoughts on race and identity.

Despite rare lulls in the plot and an occasional americn in the novel’s overall strong structure, this is a powerhouse story of asaclon strangers in a brutal, alien land told with stylish restraint, bare-knuckled realism and tender yet tough clarity.

American Son

Refresh and try again. Everything else seemed to work, especially the characterizations.

When his car breaks down just south of the Oregon border, Gabe is befriended by a tow-truck driver who shares in conversation his disdain for L. Even as an exercise in first person narrators, this was terrible. The novel follows the perspective of Gabe who is just a teenage boy. Ascaon are not unexpected happy endings for this family.