A. N. Wallis Product. Catalogue, which features our complete range of industry leading Earthing,. Exothermic Welding,. Surge and Lightning. Protection products . AN Wallis Earthing & Lightning Protection | Thorne & Derrick UK & Exports for best prices T&D Brochure – LV, MV & HV Cable Installation, Jointing, Substation. The Wallis concrete inspection pits are load rated to 4,kg suitable for most types of earthing and lightning protection installations. Lids are available in 2.

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However, walis a LPS iscorrectly installed and maintained it should last for manyyears. The conductors are secured by four bolts attached to the base, theclamp is also suitable for use in heavy duty applications where theconductors up to 50×6 have to be joined in a crossover or T connection. The aluminium clamps would mainly be used in lightning protection forconnecting aluminium tape to a puddle flange in a lightningprotection system.

Catalogue – Wallis Earthing & Lightning Protection

There are two methods used to calculate the areaimmediately around a building protected by the airtermination; the zone of protection is used for buildings upto 20 metres; for buildings above this height the rollingsphere method is used. These rods are developed and designed using quality approved raw material in strict catalpgue with international quality standards.

This has ensured we continue to catalovue The clips are available to suit both plain and PVC coveredtape in a variety of sizes.

Chemical GI Earthing Electrode. Switching Surge Protection Device. B BondsThis Wallis bond is used for bonding copper or aluminium tapes to flatmetal surfaces.

The aluminium tail slides under the roof tile and is fixed to the woodenbeam wa,lis a nail, the clip then protrudes from the tile and offers a fixingfor the tape.


A N Wallis & Co Ltd

They are normally spaced at specifiedintervals corresponding to the spacing on the downconductors. Stainless Steel Earth RodStainless steel Wallis earth rods are designed earthhing use where problemsmay be caused by galvanic corrosion due to dissimilar metals such as acopper earth rod and buried metals being in close proximity.

Bolt – Stainless Steel. Type 1 Type 2 Surge Protective Devices. Copper Claded Steel Conductor.

Its lightweight feature allows easy handling, storage and transportation,thus increasing installation efficiency. The depth these Wallis rods can be driven to, depends cataloguue the soilconditions and rod thickness.

Steel to BS Grade M Copper Bonded Earthing Rods. Alloy of Silver, Phosphorous and Copper. In recent years there has been substantial capital investment in new technology to increase our business efficiency.

We have designed and suppliedmaterials for projects including high rise buildings, bridges,telecoms installations, towers and stadiums. Overvoltage transient protectors cannot protect against directlightning strikes.

Walliss policy to continuouslyimprove its products. In Eco Earthing System, all the earthing accessories; like clamps and earth enhancing compound, are packed in one bag. There are both new products and a wider selection ofexisting ranges included within this new catalogue. All ourequipment is designed and manufactured to meet BS,European and International standards at our own facilitiesin Nottingham, UK, which include a foundry andmachine shop.

Wallis Earthing and Lightning Protection materials suppliedfrom our manufacturing facilities in Nottingham, UK areused on projects throughout the world.

The flats of the flange enable the flange to be made waterproof byfixing with glue, concrete or specialist roofing materials. Earthrods need an earth inspectionhousing for periodic testing ofearth resistance. This fixing method is mainly used where it is not possible to fit a saddleon the roof. A single earth rod may not achieve the required resistancefigure and several may be need to be fitted to achieve this;their combined resistance is proportional to the reciprocal ofthe individual rod resistances to earth.

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We are constantlyworking to improve ourliterature, so if you haveany suggestions for usto improve thiscatalogue in the future,we would be pleased tohear from you. Earth Bars Wallis copperbond earth rods offer installers the most economical method of achieving a low earth resistance. Earthing Rods for Telecommunication Towers.

Theconductors must also have a high corrosion resistance andmust meet internationally recognised European and Britishearthing standards. The pit has three slots for earth bars. DLWRainwater Pipe BondThis pipe bond can be used on any application where the perforatedtape can be wrapped around circular objects such as pipes or ann.

Earthing Compound – BentoniteBentonite cataloue be supplied in powder or granular form and is a moistureretaining clay which is used to reduce soil resistivity. Power Transmission Earthing Electrodes. Documents There is nothing listed here for this company.

A N Wallis & Co Ltd

Details of metallic service pipes, rails, tanks etc. Body – Mild Steel. Solar Lightning Protection System. Supplied with lock nut. ECO Earthing System is developed and designed according to the national and internationally eaething and accepted technology.

Marconite is used as a backfill to Wallis earth rods and plates.