The Departure, published in June and written by K.A. Applegate, is the a contest where you could win an Animorphs towel – found at the back of book The Departure (Animorphs, vol. 19) [K.A. Applegate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When Cassie tires of the missions and secrecy of. Animorphs # The Departure [Author] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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We learn that not all the Yeerks want to enslave humans, especially not children, but that they also feel trapped and caught up in this war. Feb 09, Katya Mogilevsky rated it did not like it. I’m a bit ashamed that a children’s book made me cry, but this book was just so well done. Dec 06, Deviki rated it liked it Shelves: January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Then, when she sees Karen, a little girl, getting chased by a bear, she tries to help.

Retrieved from ” https: Jake and the others soon find Aftran back in Karen’s body, and Cassie as a caterpillar. Some of us want to find a better way. This is where serious questions begin to be raised about the true evilness of the Yeerks. So when she said she quits because it conflicts her moral. At the beginning of the story when Cassie quits the geng, it sound very selfish.

They just lack something the other ones have more of. Capture and annihilation of all Animorphs and the last hope of mankind. My only issue with this book is, if Aftran gave up making Karen a Controller and opted to just stay in the Yeerk pool, and Karen apparently wasn’t re-infested since I’d assume a new Yeerk would’ve ratted the Animorphs out ASAPhow did Karen get out of reporting stuff about her father?


For all that Animorphss appreciated this book more reading it now as an adult, this part of the book is so incredibly infuriating.

Cassie laughs and pretends the girl is mistaken.

Aug 29, Swankivy rated it it was amazing. How can a friendship departute from that? Cassie almost drowns, but wakes up later on the shore, with the girl standing near her. Cassie, ridden with guilt, runs away.

The Departure | Seerowpedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

I really enjoyed thw this book, but there are few things that made me slightly angry with Cassie. How could you justify giving a book to kids animprphs makes them think that the enemy is evil, and the enemy is always evil? Rachel especially feels Cassie’s actions condemn her, that Cassie is leaving because she doesn’t want to become someone like Rachel. Both of them are the two sides of the same coin.

After everything that has happened in the previous books — and especially after the events of Megamorphs 2: What a beautiful, beautiful heartbreakingly good novella. It all comes to a head when she goes in for the xeparture on a Hork Bajir she was fighting, even after Jake calls for a retreat.

The Departure (Animorphs, #19) by K.A. Applegate

Marco calls her an idiot and rushes to morph a bird and fly away, quickly understanding that the Yeerk will now have morphing abilities, too something Cassie somehow forgot departur realize! In this one, she really goes through the emotional grinder, and comes out stronger for it, and for a good, tangible reason.


Adults think it’s terrifying kids enjoy being the heroes. Let me tell you, after 18 books of seeing hhe yeerks as evil, this was tough for me to wrap my mind around as a kid.

The Departure

It seemed like Marco was threatening to kill Aftran which meant killing the little girl even though there was a much easier way to free her without murdering the human too. She doesn’t want to be the one I have misremembered or forgotten entire books and plotlines from this series, something which I’ve discovered over and over again in this re-read of mine.

I wanted to see how they would have reacted and acted rather than reading about it from Jake’s POV 2.

Cassie sees her crying, and knows that it is the Yeerk in control, and the Yeerk who is crying. And she knows Cassie is an Andalite Karen basically stake out the human verus Yeerk sides of the debate. Soon it is apparent that the girl is a Departyre, Aftranwatching her own father, the president of UniBank.

The next three books are pretty dark. The Animorphs attack Hork-Bajir bodyguards at a Sharing meeting.