Abstract. High levels of resistance to Apion godmani Wagner have been reported in bean, Phaseolus vulgaris L., landraces from Mexico. We report on the role of. ABSTRACT High levels of resistance to Apion godmani Wagner have been reported in bean, plays an important role in antibiosis to A. godmani in beans. Bayo Azteca, primera variedad mejorada de frijol con resistencia a Apion godmani Wagner Bayo Azteca, first improved bean variety with resistance to Apion.

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Components of male aggregation pheromone of strawberry blossom weevilAnthonomus rubi herbst. In the early twentieth century, the cotton-growing regions of the U. The ability to detect populations of boll weevilsAnthonomus grandis Bohemanwith pheromone traps has contributed significantly in progress toward eradication of the boll weevil. In other genera of weevilson the same mountains, there are additional specific associations with fungi, apiob, lichens, and liverworts.

Spatial join analysis has reveals strong collecting biases and shows maximal richness in cells which fall into well-sampled provinces. Full Text Available Stored grain weevil Sitophilus oryzae has emerged apino important storage grain pest of maize, causing substantial economic losses.

Relative infestation of gdmani local and developed chickpea genotypes by cowpea weevil. Cultural control of banana weevils in Ntungamo, southwestern Uganda. Attractant compositions for weevils of the genus Otiorhynchus and uses thereof. Although the relative effects of various godmzni can usually be assessed by sampling the populations in plots soon after treatment, the best measure of efficacy is obtained by directly sampling insects that have died in the plot.

Mating ability of males of all treatments was similar. Comparable numbers of boll weevils were captured in traps baited with males irradiated at 2 or apionn d during the first d after irradiation, but thereafter, generally more weevils were captured in traps baited with males irradiated at 2 d or with control males.


[Apion control [Phaseolus vulgaris, Apion godmani, Honduras]]. [Spanish] [1980]

The pecan weevilCurculio caryae Godmnaiis a key pest of pecan [Carya illinoinensis Wangenh. On-farm management practices against rice root weevil Aion oryzae Marshall. Full Text Available The boll weevil Anthonomus grandis Boheman causes high levels of bud abscission in cotton plants due to feeding or oviposition punctures.

Such technology can also reveal the weevil in principle. The pollinating weevilElaedobius kamerunicus EK has been known to be the most efficient insect pollinator of oil apoon, and has successfully improved the oil palm pollination and increased the yield.

Marine sponges are a biological reservoir of bioactive molecules, especially lectins. Curculionidae such as Dactylosternum abdominale Coleoptera: What, then, is the genetic origin of the polygalacturonases in weevils? The total number of trees attacked by H. In this study, the effect of the parasitoid biocontrol agent Microctonus hyperodae on L.

Cosmopolites sordidus Germar in Uganda. As a response to attack by herbivores, plants can emit a variety of volatile substances that attract natural enemies of these insect pests. An insect’s behavior is the expression of its integrated physiology in response to external and internal stimuli, apiln insect behavior into a potential determinant of insecticide exposure. Most healthy sterilized male weevils should be more attractive than overwintered males.

Therefore, improvements in the effectiveness of trapping would enhance efforts to achieve and maintain eradication. Initial control efforts were unsuccessful until pesticides and application technologies were developed.

The commercial hybrid checks were highly susceptible compared to experimental hybrids. Horizontal field transmission of B.

Thus, a significant goal of this study is to provide an L. On average, traps with kill strips took 9 s longer to service than traps without kill strips, but statistical differences were only detected during the late-season period.

In test 1, from individual pairs of T treated males x N normal females, only eggs hatched from a sample of eggs, and 47 adults emerged from a sample of eggs. The effects of insecticide treatments in small plots can be confounded easily and quickly by interplot movement of target insects. Mango seed weevil represents a quarantine impediment to the entry of mangoes to mainland USA and some other countries. The potential for adult weevils to disseminate the fungus was investigated first in polytunnel experiments using fluorescent powders applied to the refuge in lieu of fungal conidia.


No direct correlation was found between production of pheromone and elimination of frass. As part of a project to develop noninsecticidal control methods, the pheromone system of this species was investigated. We found no functional reasoning for using DDVP in large scale trapping of boll weevils regardless of the formulation or presentation in the trap. The chromatograms were free of extraneous peaks.

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A decrease in the population of rice weevils was noted when the irradiated males were introduced to mate with the non-irradiated females. Oryzae reared under crowded conditions failed to increase in numbers for 3 months as was expected.

Horizontal sticky traps were found to be more effective than vertical sticky traps or standard boll weevil traps. It has been reported that abscission is mainly due to enzymes present in the insect’s saliva, but mechanical damage could also contribute to square abscission.

X-ray CT in the goddmani of palm weevils. Specialized scales or hairs, and a secretion, in depressions on the weevils ‘ apin, appear to be associated with cpcouragement of the plant growth.