I have forked the and added support for send and receive audio message from the mobile. By contrast, Appcelerator Titanium applications render the UI using the platform’s native controls. However, as we’ve seen with native iOS and Android’s different A series of tutorials are available to get you up to speed. ties: in this archive are configured the titanium’s routes, android and the google api, the api which is ;.

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Same thing we can implement in Titanium Android module also. Start free, grow from there.

Hello Titanium App Tutorial

The UI will contain two input text fields where the user enters the book title and author, and a “Add” button to androir the books collection with the new data. You can download entire RatingBar module source code here https: At build time, only those resources specific to the target platform are included. Launch the app in the iPhone simulator or Android emulator.

This is the follow up post from Android Aneroid Development series. This has no effect whatsoever on performance of the app. In this section you’ll apply a vertical layout to the book details view, and then tweak the style.

Select a book from the list to open the detail screen. There are two parts to this:. Next we’ll modify the layout and styles of the book detail screen to fix this. Posted by Karthi Ponnusamy at 6: You can do this easily by checking if the iOS namespace exists.


Eventually you will add features to let users add books, but for now this will give us some data to work with.

Once you’ve done this, click Finish. It return the application asset url.

Keep in mind, the JavaScript will be compiled with the app, so the initial package of an app is bigger than you will have it natively. And it uses Universal image loader library for asynchronous loading and caching.

Tutoriql Alloy controller is actually a logical collection of three parts:. For that we have to use LayoutInflater. You always have to keep the target platform in mind when developing apps! I would rather see the official docs being updated with recent annoted code about more advanced topics. It is basically non-info for a blog post and only relevant for SEO. Of course, we need a way for users to add their own books. This was relevant 5 years ago.

The New Folder wizard will allow you to navigate the project directories, select the parent folder, and name the new folder. This, I completely understand. This creates input text fields where the user will ittanium the book title and author, and a button to add the new book to the collection. Report a bug Atlassian News Atlassian. The Titanium SDK in turn is built with Objective C or Java in case of Android and that in turn will create the native components which you are initiating.

If not specified, a child appxelerator is centered on the display. The following is an example of a platform-specific style that makes all Labels blue in iOS builds.


Titanium Building Native Apps with JavaScript

Leave this field empty if you’re human: The result is the expected navigation bar on top:. So, developing cross-platform apps is really really simple, and incredibly useful for JavaScript developers. You can find the source code on GitHub. It touches on the following topics:. Studio will then proceed to install appcelegator you need including the Android SDK.

The screenshots below show the app running on an iPhone simulator and an Android emulator. So, there are multiple options out there for tutoral. For more, you can follow him on Medium and Twitter.

You should receive your new email in a few minutes. In order to see text, change the background to white for iOS only by adding the platform attribute to the container rule.

Search the Blog Search for: The underlying code was purely there for creating it. We will slightly adjust the code, tugorial we check whether the app is iOS or Android.

NavigationWindow is actually one of the few exceptions in cross-platform development with Titanium. Hey Bert, while this is correct for advanced developers like you and me as we know all basics already, this blog-series addresses common question new developers have while developing Titanium apps.