Browse A-Trend ATC Motherboard owner’s manuals, user guides, instructional help documents & operating information to learn more about your product. Show content of zip %zip% from thread %a-trend ATC drivers% File manual cannot solve all your problems, please ask your dealer for help. ATC A-TREND ATREND Motherboards Mainboards Drivers Manuals BIOS Motherboard, mainboard, chipset, základní desky, Slot, Socket, information.

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A-Trend ATC 6220 – motherboard – ATX – Slot 1 – i440BX

All errors When the BIOS detects a non-fatal error, the system will be stopped and you will be prompted. The manual was no use at all sadly. Power is going to the board, reset is working, and all LED’s lighting up properly!

Disabled No warning message will appear when anything attempts to access the boot sector or hard disk partition table. Processor Number Feature The Processor Serial Number serves as an identifier for the Processor and its system and thus adds to the system atc-6220 features.

Logged richard Guest Re: This information should be from your hard disk vender or dealer. Choices are Yes or No.

Disabled Video Off Method: Manuak BIOS will not search for the type of floppy disk drive by track number. Suspend Mode When enabled and after the set time atc-620 system inactivity, all devices except the CPU will be shut off. Auto 0 0 0 0 0 0 Auto Secondary Slave: Would a wrong connection do any harm when it’s just these case lights? Typematic Delay Msec When the typematic rate is enabled, this section allows you to select the delay between when the key was first depressed and when the acceleration begins.


Normal is keyboard; Fast is chipset. Auto-detect CPU core voltage range from 1. Only pressing power button can power the system. It is often heard that the default setting on a mainboard is not what user expects. It would be advisable for users to read it in an orderly sequence: Directory “api” is made in Drive C now. Connect cables to peripheral devices, especially for power supply.

The Mother Board

Turn on the system. Once the security is disabled, the system will boot and you can enter Setup freely. Now computer will only be powered on by pressing the correct Hot Key. Boot Up System Speed Selects the default system speed – the normal operating speed at power up. Both parity or non-parity are available.

A-Trend ATC Motherboard User Manuals & Repair Guides – Fixya

Button Only via Power Button: All, But Keyboard The system boot will not stop for a keyboard error. All other brands and product names are registered trademarks of their respective companies.

Let me have a maunal However it is optional depending on chipset design.

Auto Reset Configuration Data: Casper the Ghost on Mar 05, 05, Standby Monitor is blanked when the system enters the Standby mode. Then type ” copy e: But, this one appears to have the right stuff, i.


First, you should connect the power switch cable to the connector “PS-ON” on the mainboard. Then the system power will be off directly, manusl become to the stand-by status. If the system can’t mahual up with the clock frequency that you set to, you can clear the set frequency by pressing the ‘Insert” key on keyboard.

The time is calculated based on the hour military-time clock. Thus you do not have to set the CPU voltage setting. If you would like to restart the system, just press the power switch afc-6220, and the system will be powered on. The value of the base memory is typically K or K based on the memory installed on the motherboard.

This is memory that can be used for different applications. However, this capability means absolutely nothing unless you are using a Plug and Play OS such as Windows If all of above procedures are running successfully, turn the power off and screw the chassis cover to the chassis, mnual then connect external devices which are cabled to the system.