Removed RS Items. . ECU Extract still matches the existing ECU Configuration (as long as no Methodology consistency using the ECU configuration. [3] Specification of ECU Configuration Parameters (XML) . RS. Requirement Specification. DocumentCategory, TraceCategory. Specification of requirements . [3] Requirements on Communication. AUTOSAR SRS [4] Requirements on ECU Configuration. AUTOSAR RS ECU

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Framework Tools The tool framework as shown in figure 2.

Specification of ECU Configuration

How the ECU Conriguration Description handles these definition types is described in the appropriate sections below.

The dependencies reflect the direct relationship between a Container and autowar ContainerDef as well as a ParameterValue and a ParameterType. Also the defaultValue can be specified. This guarantees that it is possible to reference to descriptions of such classes. Generation is the process of applying the tailored ECU Configuration Description to the software modules.

However, for several modules such as OS, existing configuration languages have already been established.

If any of the eccu parameters is either preCompile time or link time this attribute is ignored and may be ommited. The abstract class DerivedValueType does provide the common attributes for all inheriting parameter definitions.

The three defined Derived Configuration Parameters have an informal calculationFormula which is not shown in the figure but is shown in the XML example. This iteration will initially be between editors and then, when a plausible ECU Configuration is achieved, code generation may highlight additional changes that require further iteration.

This can be performed in different ways, and is dependent on the configuration classes chosen for the different modules see chapter 2. The configuration classes are explained in detail in following section of this chapter.

References to the configuration of individual software modules that are present on this ECU. Sample cases where Link Time configuration can be adopted are listed below: This is the way that the tool gets a definition of exactly which ECU Configuration Parameters are available and how they may be configured.

The preconfiguredConfiguration contains values for those parameters which are fixed by the implementation and cannot be changed.


The configuration of the different modules is done in different sections of the overall description. The aurosar chosen must match a configuration variant and the corresponding configuration classes defined in the modules SWS. Link Type lowerMultiplicity String 1 aggregation upperMultiplicity String 1 aggregation Description Cojfiguration lower multiplicity of the specified element.

There are three different exu involved in the development of the ECU Configuration: It is assumed however that generators perform error, consistency and completeness checks on the part of the configuration they require for generation.

Parameter references Class Package Class Desc. The overview is shown in figure 3. Link Type 1 aggregation calculation Calculation 1 Language Language aggregation Description Definition of the formula used to calculate the value of the configuration element.

This parameter may only be set to true if all of the following conditions hold: The reason is that there is no use-case where a direct reference to a parameter would be needed. In the example definition shown in figure 3. They are fully automatic, since all input driving these steps is included in the ECU Configuration Description.

Neither their presence in such Specification Documents, nor any later AUTOSAR compliance certification of products actually implementing such exemplary items, imply that intellectual property rights covering such exemplary items are licensed under the same rules as applicable to the AUTOSAR Standard. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.

Specification of ECU Configuration

The object defining the SymbolicNameReferenceDef is the user and the destination of the reference is the provider of the symbolic name. ConfigReferenceValue [ecuc sws ] The metamodel class ReferenceValue provides the mechanism to reference to any model element of type Identifiable. This description is the input for the tools and has to be standardized. However once the module is implemented the configuration class for each of the parameters is typically fixed in that implementation.

The correctness of the entered string will be checked during the generation of the Configuration Parameter Definition XML file.

These cases make it extremely difficult to obtain consistency within the overall configuration. There are output file formats other than. Automotive open system architecture.

For further rules how a value can be provided if no defaultValue is specified in the ECU Configuration Definition see section 4. In this approach example shown in figure 2.


But since the ECU Configuration is dependent on lots of other input information many values for the configuration of the BSW and the RTE can be taken over or calculated from other values already available in another description e. For additional information about the consequences of being an Identifiable and the additional attributes please refer to [10]. A valid EcuConfiguration needs to reference the System description provided as an ecuExtract [7] that specifies the environment in which the configured ECU operates.

This is done using object diagrams this is the M1 level of metamodeling with special configurtion defined in section 3. It does not apply any additional semantics to the parameter.

The relationship between the EnumerationParamDef and the available EnumerationLiteralDefs is established using aggregations with the role name literal at the side of the EnumerationLiteralDef. ContainerDef [ecuc sws ] Each container definition is an Identifiable.

To support reuse of exiting generator tools, this single step can be split into two steps. Additionally, it would be possible to add generic plug-ins that addressed a specific aspect of configuration across all BSW modules.

This holds for module definitions, container definitions and individual parameters. The flow of work products is depicted by solid lines with arrow heads, pointing in the direction of the work flow. ReferenceDef The role name at the ReferenceDef has to be reference and the role name at the referenced container has to be destination see figure 3. And sixth, a container can be referenced to achieve a symbolic name semantics. The heart of the tool would be a framework that provides certain core services such as importing and exporting data from standard file formats, maintaining standard internal data structures and providing an HMI to the user.

Therefore the EcuParameterDefinition defines a reference relationship to the definition of several Software Modules in the module attribute. This is captured in the attribute calculationFormula8 as a plain String.