Get behind the stick of an Aviat Husky and quickly realize what it means to be the Leader of the Pack. Contact us today for a demo flight. Free Aviat A-1C Husky Checklists to Download. The web’s largest collection of checklists. I bought a Husky A-1 a few years ago and flew it for a couple hundred hours. It will takeoff I think that Aviat builds a good airplane. I think Cub.

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Husky A-1 hp [Archive] –

If anybody on this site doesn’t believe that a big reason they like Cubs is simply because they are Cubs, I’d suggest they may be fooling themselves. Yep, you guessed it, they were 26″ Goodyears, and of course the valve stem was sheared clean off.

Design and build for the intended mission, whatever that mission is. Free hangars are included with the model! Also, thanks, Mike, for your rational, informed and informing, dispassionate, and sensical answers to flying questions. Model 8 Silvaire Choose an Aircraft Another question that one can ask, though, is this: Leave that up to the state, they need the headlines.

Tell you Husky guys what, in May let’s meet at Knik river where they shot the Mountain Goat video. There goes my credibility: The advantage here is that when that airplane goes to floats, the gross weight goes toso the useful actually increases, since the exchange weight is onlyor so.


I think it is absolutely great that we all have the opportunity to fly these things, to work on them, to modify them, and to be so passionate about them. There are pros and cons to both aircraft.

Aviat Husky

I thought a major alteration was a major alteration. Anyway, they’re all fun as heck to fly, and I sure hope to be able to get to fly any of them for as long as possible.

On the other hand, I can fold down the rear seat back in the Husky, and that entire area, yusky the back of the pilot’s seat aft, is wide open.

But the truth is, there isn’t a single one that I know of. They are virtually the same. Now of course, when Jim Richmond get’s that constant speed prop going Transall Choose an Aircraft The basic Husky now weighswith a max gross weight of pounds, for a useful load of pounds. Also, out of the hole on floats, the Husky seems to just go from sitting there to sliding right out of husjy water and into the air, when light.

This model has so many unique operational features make sure you thoroughly read and understand the readme. And, as a side note, I’d be a bit careful of assessing other’s experience. I’m sticking to that for the stated reasons. I am interested in Patty’s Super Cub, I should add. Cubs are the King or Queen sorry Wendy,: Partook a bit too heavily of the Appleton’s and the Red Stripe; while I have become a responsible girl old habits are hard to break: Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention, the stall speed on the Model A-1 Husky, at pounds gross weight is 43 mph.


I find that most Cub pilots fly the airplane off trim quite a lot, which may or may not be bad. I guess Flagold and the other Husky mushers accept the limitations of the Husky.

They have done nothing other than introduce alternative choices utilizing all legal avenues available; this is what happens in a market economy. Would someone explain the differences between the Husky Models. Gross weight is still on floats, so the useful load is We had a guy show up to our Feb ski flyin last winter and when we saw him fly over we thought he had forgot to untie his tail wheel and had brought the ropes with him.

Floats are a little different, mostly because of the displacement of the floats. The flaps are what makes the Husky do what it does, in many ways. As I said once before, that was the day I decided to buy a Piper.