Sinhala Aluth Avurudu Nakath Litha Dawn of Sinhala New Year for year Please note, this was written in not or -. Astrologist and an Ayurveda medical specialist Dr Stanley Dharmakumara brings you the auspicious times for Sinhala New Year for every. Sinhala and Tamil new year of Sri Lanka will be held on 14 April New year Aurudu Nakath (Auspicious times) are presented as a.

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Example for Melbourne for year A.

To find out when is Rahu Kala for different cities for that date click here Happy New Year Below is the example how to fill it. If I wanted to, I could have become a world famous 20155, not only an astrologer in Melbourne. For Whom these Auspicious times are: I am happy as I am now. This is my personnel web site. Now I will ask a Question from you, It is this: Popular Interactive Astrology Pages.

The Difference between Hindu and Western Astrology Earlier I used to calculate all auspicious times individually for different countries and cities. Unique in this site W hat is the full life reading.

Spend a few minutes with me here and experiment with the free readings to find it out yourself. Unfortunately for Melbourne or any other city in nzkath world “The Nakath committee” do not calculate or publish auspicious times”.


Planetarium and the Virtual Space Tour. You will not see any payment buttons or PAID advertisements in this site.

SBS Sinhala Aluth Avurudu Nakath Litha 2015

There are some pages in this website which interacts with you, like, greeting, answering your questions, doing calculations ect. So every body published one set of Auspicious times for Sri Lanka. Go to time converter Click here to visit it B.

I can not answer for the works of other people and tell makath how did they calculate their auspicious times on what basis. Nakkath, you are insignificant, a speck of cosmic dust, when compared to sun.

I do not sell any thing here. Without you, sun had for billions of years moved, and will move for billions of more years to come. Every thing in this web site is done by me. Why good or bad things happen to us?.

And people were confused. Suppose you go and stand in a few different spots in the globe, say New York or Melbourne or Moscow or even at Timbuktu on the southern edge of the Sahara Desert.

History of it and solution for that, in relation to Sri Lanka. What happened and when? There are good days and bad days, good times and bad times find out those. Find the letters for the Name of a new born Child in line with Astrology. I did it as a service. Why this web site is here. I do not know I have a Science Degree which I got by honest hard studies in nakatb and half years in the Uni that is enough education and title for me.


Download Sinhala Tamil New Year Aurudu nakath litha

I am not after any Dr. Contact I am in Melbourne. As these auspicious times vary depending on your locality. Not even the oldest one which is “Pahana” News paper. The reason why there are no uniform auspicious times: What is the Dawn of New year? Summary It is an individually focused well written document.

Download Sinhala Tamil New Year Aurudu nakath litha 2014

Like myself, have you ever looked at your life in a different angle?. What are your good times. This year I saw such newspaper had published two different Nakath Times by two people in the same page. How is this year? Sinhala Aluth Avurudu Nakath – Some clarifications.

How to overcome the bad effects of planets and what are the inexpensive and simple remedies which will bring you good fortune. Happiness is important, Running after superficial things is waste of time.