Easy to read FDA package insert, drug facts, dosage and administration, and adverse effects for Azilect (rasagiline). 21/06/ Azilect – EMEA/H/C/ – IA//G. List item. Azilect: EPAR – Product Information (PDF/ KB) of the marketing authorisation; Annex IIIA – Labelling; Annex IIIB – Package leaflet. PACKAGE LEAFLET: INFORMATION FOR THE USER. AZILECT 1 mg tablets. Rasagiline. Read all of this leaflet carefully before you start.

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For these reasons, before you start taking rasagiline it is azileect that your doctor or ppackage knows:. The cause of Parkinson’s disease is still unknown but the symptoms of tremor, stiffness and slow movement are due to there being less of a chemical called dopamine in your brain. Pregnancy Category C Labor and Delivery: The safety and effectiveness have not been established.

Azilect can only be obtained with a prescription. Advise patients that they may experience intense urges to gamble, increased sexual urges, other intense urges, and the inability to control these urges during treatment. When a dose of levodopa starts to wear off, the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease can return. Never take more than the prescribed dose.

Rarely, rasagiline may cause people to have impulsive thoughts or cravings which are difficult to resist. A fall in the UPDRS score indicates an improvement in symptoms, while a rise indicates a worsening of symptoms.

These usually improve as your body adjusts to the new medicine, but speak with your doctor or pharmacist if any of the following side-effects continue or become troublesome. This could include excessive shopping or spending, gambling or an increased sex drive. Teva Product Catalog The product catalog provides you with a full listing of Teva’s brand and generic product lines. Instruct patients to take the medicine as prescribed. Rasagiline is rapidly absorbed, reaching peak plasma concentration Cmax in approximately 1 hour.


Advise patients to exercise caution when they are taking other sedating medications, alcohol, or other CNS depressants e. The pharmacokinetic profile of rasagiline is similar in men and women.

If you experience any other symptoms which you think may be due to this medicine, speak with your doctor or pharmacist. May cause hypertension including severe hypertensive syndromes packags recommended doses May cause serotonin syndrome when used with antidepressants May cause falling asleep during activities of daily living, daytime drowsiness, and somnolence May cause hypotension, especially orthostatic May cause or exacerbate dyskinesia.

You may be prescribed rasagiline on its own as a treatment for Parkinson’s disease. These symptoms may occur more frequently during initial therapy or with an increase in dose at any time.

We’d love to send you our articles and latest news by email, giving you the best opportunity to stay up to date with expert written health and lifestyle content. This was compared with a rise of 4. Azilect should not be used in people who may be hypersensitive allergic to rasagiline or any of the other ingredients. Rasagiline has not been investigated in patients below 18 years of age.

View our Privacy Policy. Some medicines are not suitable for people with certain conditions, and sometimes a medicine may only be used if extra care is taken.


Azilect | European Medicines Agency

Inform patients that hallucinations or other manifestations of psychotic-like behavior can occur when taking rasagiline. It is not known whether this pacjage is excreted in human milk. It is available as white, round tablets 1 mg. Severe CNS toxicity occasionally fatal associated with hyperpyrexia as part of a serotonin syndrome, has been reported with combined treatment of an antidepressant e.

Rasagiline Tablets

The product catalog provides you with a full listing of Teva’s brand and generic product lines. Signs and symptoms may not appear immediately – may have delays of up to 12 hours after ingestion of drug and the appearance of signs. Join the discussion on the forums. Skip to main content. Effect of Other Drugs on the Metabolism of rasagiline: Concomitant use of meperidine, tramadol, methadone, propoxyphene, dextromethorphan, St.

Contact their healthcare provider if elevation of blood pressure occurs. Take one tablet each day. Along with their useful effects, all medicines can cause unwanted side-effects although not everyone experiences them. The elevated dopamine level and subsequent increased dopaminergic activity are likely to mediate rasagiline’s beneficial effects seen in models of dopaminergic motor dysfunction. Azilect is a medicine that contains the active substance rasagiline.