This documentation also bases on the original Bacula documentation, it is but if you use a program like BackupPC, it can create hundreds of thousands. Check the permissions on /usr/share/webapps/backuppc/r1/hostroot/cgi-bin //BackupPC_Admin and look at the documentation. + Dur/mins. +. +\$ArchiveStr. +. +. +EOF. + . $Lang{BackupPC__Documentation} = “BackupServer: Dokumentation”;.

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This can be ownership dokumentatikn permission. This is an installation problem. Setting it to 0 means the checksums will not be rechecked unless there is a phase 0 failure. Recovery point objective RPO: BackupPC already has more than enough features for my own needs. The typical speedup is around 15 times.

The default versions can be found in the language file eg: A variety of Open Source systems are available for doing backup to tape. Libs and tools for mysql catalog. BackupPC has a Wiki at https: Allow all commands except sqlquery and commands starting with u.

Max Virtual Full Interval. For each file name argument it inflates the file and writes it to stdout. In the example above levels Next you should decide whether to run tar over ssh, rsh or nfs. Manfred Herrmann provided the German translation, de. If backuppc is the only webapp then you could switch apache to run as the backuppc user. The user name and password are stored on the client in whatever file the “secrets file” parameter in rsyncd.

It is important that you don’t change the hash bsckuppc after files are already in the pool. These appear for both regular users and administrators.

Alternatively, backup files can be restored using manual commands. Backups were stored in what ever charset the XferMethod provided – typically utf8 for smbclient backuplc the client’s locale settings for rsync and tar eg: Zip” to see if you have these modules. Full command to run rsync for restore on the client. Whether authentication is mandatory when connecting to the client’s rsyncd.


BackupPC Documentation

The first group general server configuration provides general configuration for BackupPC. Start by downloading the latest version from http: Don’t do any regular backups on this machine. Alle NAS Apps Several variables are substituted at run-time.

The backuppc-devel list is only for developers who are working on BackupPC.

This directory should be below Apache’s DocumentRoot. NFS mounted file systems work too provided the underlying file system supports hardlinks. If you are upgrading from an earlier version the configure. In fact, by default samba makes symbolic links look like the file or directory that they point to, so you could get an infinite loop if a symbolic link points to the current or parent directory. When you select “Download Zip File” you should be prompted where to save the backupcp. BackupPC correctly recognizes these hardlinks and stores them just like symlinks: Zlib” and “perldoc Archive:: The next two groups describe what to backup, when to do it, and how long to keep it.

BackupPC Documentation

Note that when you remove a client’s backups you won’t initially recover much disk space. However, taint mode in perl will complain if this directory is world writable. To allow for periodic rebooting of a PC or other brief periods when a PC is not on the network, a number of consecutive bad pings is allowed before the good ping count is reset.


Also, for additional security, you may wish to deny the ability for this user to logon to computers in the default domain policy. The main compensation for continuing to work on BackupPC is knowing that more and more people find it useful. This significantly reduces disk writes and also reads, since the pool file comparison is done disk to memory, rather than disk to disk.

This subject and message is sent to a user if their PC has not recently been backed up ie: The CPU and disk performance on this server will determine how many simultaneous backups you can run.

I don’t think Apache can be easily run multiple times like MySQL or OpenVPN, so you could run another webserver just for backuppc if you needed to and then proxy it in apache to integrate it into bakuppc central webspace.

Set if this backup has mangled file names and attributes.


To support restore via Zip archives backuppc will need to install Archive:: Merging of incrementals is done automatically, so you don’t need to worry about whether certain files appear in the incremental or full backup.

Press the “Start the Archive” to start archiving the selected hosts with the parameters displayed. List of directories or files to exclude from the backup. Yesterday’s log file output. Based on your site’s requirements you need to decide what your backup policy is.