Bacteriología y micología veterinarias: aspectos esenciales. Front Cover. G. R. Carter. El Manual Moderno, – Respiration – pages. Title, Manual Ilustrado Para Laboratorio de Bacteriologia Y Micologia Veterinaria. Publisher, IICA Biblioteca Venezuela. ISBN, , Procedimientos de laboratorio para bacteriologia y micologia veterinaria. Front Cover. Jorge A. Perez M. Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico,

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DCV, ejercicio liberal, Uruguay 2: Bovine mastitis, distribution of pathogens and antimicrobial resistance in the Southern Dairy Basin of Uruguay Autores: Twenty-three isolates of Gallibacterium anatis were recovered from commercial laying hens with respiratory and reproductive clinical signs.

Servicios de apoyo a la investigación

Granulomatous lesions caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa in the ostrich Strutio camelus. Current status of resistance and first diagnostic of multiple resistance Rhipicephalus Boophilus microplus tick simultaneously resistant to five drugs in Uruguay Autores: Mixosporidiosis branquial por Henneguya sp. Services on Demand Journal. In samples from cloaca, the following microorganisms were isolated: Antifungal activity, toxicity and chemical composition of the essential oil of Coriandrum sativum L.

Bacteriología y micologia veterinarias; aspectos esenciales

Pneumonitis due to Pseudomonas aeruginosa in an adult ostrich in Zambia. Medical mycology 51 1, ItaliaCPMontevideo, A similar micllogia of occurrence between Gram negative bacteria in the microbiotas of cloaca and oropharynx, as well as Gram positive bacteria in these same areas, was verified.


Canadian journal of microbiology 56 6, Leucoencefalomalacia en equinos en el litoral oeste de Uruguay Technical: Phenotypic associations between mean fiber diameter and its variability with other fleece characteristics in Corriedale Autores: Get my own profile Cited by All Since Citations h-index 17 17 iindex 28 Isolation and characterization of canine, equine and feline mesenchymal stem cells in Uruguay Autores: Coenurosis in cattle in Uruguay Autores: Estudio de la v Journal of clinical microbiology, JCM.

PMontevideo — Uruguay 2 Departamento American Association of Avian Pathologists; Identification of the predominant circulating biovars is important for controlling Gallibacterium anatis infections in poultry because efficient protection is based on the use of biovar-specific immunogens. Prevalence and transmission of haemolytic Gallibacterium species in chicken production bacteroilogia with different biosecurity levels.

Bacteriologic and molecular diagnosis Autor: Nutritional evaluation of soybean meal and expellers present in Uruguay in the dairy cattle feeding Autores: Academic Press; 28 Jun Carter G, Cole JJ.

Bacteria were identified as G.

Int J Sys Evol Microbiol. Acceptability of hamburgers in Uruguay; study of the three products sold in the top category of the local market Autores: Feeding behavior and ruminal environment of lambs fed only pasture indoors or grazing Autores: Environmental microbiology reports 4 2, Diagnostic procedure in veterinary bacteriology and mycology. Efecto de la ra Presencia del protozoario ciliado Buxtonella sulcata Trichostomatia, Balantidiidae en bovinos en Uruguay Presence of the ciliated protozoan Buxtonella sulcata Trichostomatia, Balantidiidae in cattle in Uruguay Autor: Efficacy of frozen and refrigerated vaccines against bovine tick fever Autores: Articles 1—20 Show more.


Necrotizing Meningoencephalitis of Pug: Bacteriologia en el complejo respiratorio de las aves Foros [Technical reports]. Veterinaria, Montevideo 48 Autores: PCR amplification gene, Gallibacterium anatis. Histopathological diagnosis of cutaneous smallpox in backyard poultry Gallus domesticus in Uruguay Autores: Posgrado Facultad de Veterinaria, Universidad Mass and composition of carcass and organs in pure and cross breed beef cows grazing different forage allowances of native pastures.

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Determination of the microbiota present in cloaca and oropharynx of clinically normal ostriches Strutio camellus. Candida species isolated from the gastrointestinal tract of cockatiels Nymphicus mico,ogia Nucleic acid techniques in bacterial systematics.

A predominance of Gram negative bacteria in relation to Gram positive ones was observed in the microbiotas of cloaca and oropharynx. Characterization of the ruminal bacterial microbiota of a grazing bovine through classical and cultivation-independent techniques.

Expedido por Instituto Nacional del Derecho de Autor.