So a former administrator left quite a legacy of documents in Claris Works and/or AppleWorks. Is there any way to batch convert them into a. Danielle upgraded her Mac to OS X Mavericks and now she can’t open any Apple Works documents. Leo says that AppleWorks isn’t supported anymore in. Yvan did indeed respond to my query and edited his original script to save files in the source folder and get around any files that have lost their.

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Batch convert files recursively You are starting on wrong basis.

MacScripter / Batch convert files recursively

Of course the format was not exactly the same in document was viles saved exactly as it appeared in AW, but at least all of the content appeared. Batch convert files recursively Yvan Koenig wrote: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Thanks for trying, Sometimes you need to take a little action to help yourself.

It’s designed to apply if you drop on it files selected in a folder. Yvan’s scripts are available in the Public area of his Box account.


Script / Automator for conversion of Apple Works docs to .odt docs – Ask Different

If some of your AppleWorks files were made in earlier versions of AppleWorks, or are nor word processing files, that would explain the error message. It’s been a while since I last looked at this script. Sep 8, 9: Mon Nov 19, 9: Thanks for the tips everyone. Jan 13, 8: As the run handler get a list of files, everything work well.

If I read Yvan’s revision dates notes not included in the quoted portion above correctly, this script is a late update of the earlier early script referred to in Roger’s post. Hmmn – strings seems filea add more crap at the top and bottom including absolutely tons of XML stuff that looks like.

batch converting AppleWorks / ClarisWorks files to RTF or similar

The French version always comes first Yvan lives in France, his first language is Frenchand is immediately followed by the English version. What was the result of you trying to use that script?

Errors are reported in the file “import2iWorkReport.

It may be more reliable for your files to send them to someone who has AppleWorks and have them saved as RTF or something for you. Most of my files are word processing. I guess my question should have been: I did not want to delete the existing file from the viles and place it in a zip file, so I have removed those steps.


Dec 4, The important part of the instructions are in French, which does not help me. I wish man pages for linux things actually, you know, clearly told you what something does and how to do it, with examples. Not sure if it can open the later Appleworks files, but Apple has many versions of ClarisWorks available for download over here: Hey all, I’m not new to programming, but I am new to AppleScript. Posted on Sep 8, 4: BBedit will also open nearly anything to extract text.

You may find them in my public BOX account: Jul 14, Posts: To use the script, save it as a script or as an “Application Bundle”. You are starting on wrong basis. Here’s a different approach entirely.