Battle Cry has ratings and reviews. Matthew said: This book is for the Marine Corps what Tales of the South Pacific was for the Navy: a great. Battle Cry is the riveting Marine epic by the bestselling author of such classics as Trinity and ExodusOriginally published in , Leon Uris’s Battle Cry is the. It’s terrific: Perhaps there is less searching for the beast in man than in The Naked and the Dead, less uncovering of basic disillusions than in.

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Uris’ subsequent works included: I LOVE this book. To ask other readers questions about Battle Cryplease sign up. The action is equal on romance as it is on action and we see the lives of several Marines and their romantic encounters. Glassey do seem unfair to me.

As i recall it’s a pretty accurate portrayal of the Marine Corps boot camp and advanced infantry training. I found it a very believable, heartfelt story that’s played perfectly by both actors.

Been too many years, I need to go back and re-read this. A Japanese bullet may have his name on it. Approved by the US military.

User Reviews

Wish I hadn’t seen the movie first. Seeing the film now, much of it raises a smile. The book tells the story of how this diverse group came together to form an effective team, as well as describing the battles they fought in, including the Battle of GuadalcanalTarawa and the Battle of Saipan.

All in all, this is a fair if not excellent portrait of marines going to war. It takes you back to the war. In lwon scene where the worn out soldiers are angered at the sight of another regiment in trucks, a couple of them are giving the finger.


They were not as liberal as they are today.

Battle Cry (Uris novel) – Wikipedia

You get to know them, and warm to them as their cameraderie develops. Their experiences in New Zealand reveal the very different cultures of the two allies, and how much the young marines enjoyed the hospitality of the local people, in spite of being what has been called a ‘friendly invasion’. Nov 20, Kathy Clark marked it as to-read. The book’s description of boot camp and the lustiness of the marines pulled no punches at all.

I loved Forrester, Marion MaryMac and a few other characters.

The characters are quirky and authentic, representing a partial cross-section of America at large, and they are pleasingly sympathetic. And so viewers have something invested in those characters when they do see combat. I loathe “Rambo” and the rest. These experiences and qualities and the men who met such challenges to their spirit and flesh ‘Battle Cry’ shows in spades; and it also shows the experiences of women separated to toil alone in constant anxiety for their own and their children’s’ or their husbands’s day-to-day welfare – for all of their loved ones whose experience and fate they can’t directly influence.

I was impressed with the details batle the human relationships between the men, cy girlfriends and wives all over the place, leom the everlasting bond that is created by the toughness of the Marines.

Heflin is a tough man, but a caring commander. Competently directed and acted, the film should be applauded for trying to tell a human interest story over boom boom explosive histrionics. Jun 25, Matthew Klobucher rated it really liked it. Awesome book that follows a few marines in a fictional regiment during WW2. Hunter’s story plays out mostly in the first half as he leaves behind his teen girlfriend Freeman who has crow’s feet and a washboard forehead!

As tormented lovers, Ray and Olson drum up a surprising amount of empathy and interest. It is the only book that I have ever finished and then turned back to the first page to start all over again.


The film version of this novel was made indirected leoj Raoul Walsh and written by Uris. If you want to see a movies, though fiction, based on the exploits of the 2nd marine division, make it your business to see this movie.

Jul 16, Anne Booklady Molinarolo rated it it was amazing Shelves: It contained passages that were thrilling, funny and outrageous. It is difficult to battpe “Battle Cry” to a broad audience today.

Battle Cry doesn’t really seem to know what it wants to be. Mar 14, George rated it liked it Shelves: Evans Carlson of the 2nd Marine Radier Battalion in To those who insist that only the gore shown in films such as ‘Saving Private Ryan’ gives a genuine cinematic portrayal of the experience of war I say: He was there in the Pacificduring World War II not in some office in Hollywood and not long after the question of whether or not we would prevail was yet finalized.

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the stories of the Marines and their women, it’s just not what I was expecting. My dad insisted I read this book. All of them are tough and gung ho. There were no blacks in the movie because during WWII all military services were segregated although the Navy had black mess cooks aboard ship.

Paperbackpages. Kids who are patriotic enlist in WW2 to fight.