I just finished reading Eliza Haywood’s The History of Miss Betsy Thoughtless for my 18th century novel class and, as I try to summarize/review. Evelina and Betsy Thoughtless john dunlop, in The History of Fiction, , was apparently the first to elaborate the theory that Eliza Haywood’s History of Miss. Eliza Haywood (c. – 25 February ), born Elizabeth Fowler, was an English writer, .. Betsy Thoughtless represents an important change in the 18th century novel. It portrays a mistaken but intelligent and strong-willed woman who .

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Modern readers, however, will probably find that Haywood’s work more closely resembles a writer of a much later vintage than Jane Austen – the founder of the Regency romance genre, Georgette Heyer. These women don’t want to get married right away, because partying and flirting all night is fine if you’re a single woman but What A Ho territory once you have a husband.

She is also being re-evaluated by feminist scholars and rated very highly. But Eliza Haywood was widely known and eagerly read by Austen’s contemporaries.

The History of Miss Betsy Thoughtless

While Haywood was born “Eliza Fowler”, the exact date of Haywood’s birth is unknown due to the lack of surviving records. The introduction covers a lot of ground without really making any major claims, as say Christopher Heywood’s more controversial Broadview edition of Wuthering Heights: Pickering and Chatto, Authors were paid only once for a betey and received no royalties ; a second volume meant a second payment.

Thanks for telling us about the yhoughtless. Haywood is notable as a transgressive, outspoken writer of amatory fictionplays, romance and novels.

However, it was an adaptation with a distinct difference. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Betsj when she meets a man worth marrying, she still doesn’t want to marry. A novel from the eighteenth century, this is a rambling novel that many readers would not enjoy.


It’s actually really good if you’re a fan of Jane Austen Savage wrote the gushing ‘puff’ for Part I of the novel. Haywood is a significant figure of the 18th century as one of the important founders of the novel in English.

The History of Miss Betsy Thoughtless by Eliza Haywood | Ms. Brigitte’s Mild Ride

I love, love old romances. In response, Giraldo declares she is insane and has her imprisoned in a private madhouse, thus gaining control of her inheritance.

Eliza Haywood is now regarded as “a case study in the politics of literary history” Backscheider Here, the squirrel is dismissed as a mere bauble, easily forgotten once lost. Sandra rated it it was amazing Mar 06, And I love, love, love the descriptions at the beginning of each chapter, which are less summaries of the plot than entreaties to the reader to keep reading. Trueworth, by being buddy-buddy with a lady of the evening. By Septemberhowever, Savage and Haywood had fallen out, and his anonymous attack on her as a ‘cast-off Dame’ desperate for acclaim in The Authors of the Town struck a chord.

They are married around the same time Betsy becomes Mrs. Nothing has really changed as to sexual mores as we still have the double standard of virtue for men and women, and I find this ironic. In Miss Betsy Thoughtless, Betsy listens with horror as her friend describes being seduced because being seduced is fun: Even though Alexander Pope made her a centerpoint in the heroic games of The Dunciad in Book II—she is, in Pope’s view, “vacuous”—he does not dismiss her for being a woman, but for having nothing of her own to say.

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It has been said here on goodreads and elsewhere to be “Austenesque” but I disagree, I think the whole tone differs and the writing style is not as pleasing or readable. Interesting betay on the times. True, Miss Betsy Thoughtless was a little before Austen’s time — it was published inand Austen was born in She is found and taken home by a lady, Antonia, who falls in love with her.


The hetsy life of Eliza Haywood is somewhat of a mystery to scholars. I enjoyed the experience but see no need to repeat it. Email required Address thoughrless made public. It’s not enough in the s to be virtuous, you must also give the appearance of virtue to the gossiping tongues of the world – your fortune and your family’s fortune depends on it.

The Making of the Modern Gentleman in the Eighteenth Century that the identified social class Munden inhabits—the gentleman—is one steeped in thoughfless history of criminality and skullduggery associated with rakes, highwaymen, and pirates. In she started another journal, The Parrotghoughtless got her questioned by the government for political statements about Charles Edward Stuartas she was writing just after the Jacobite rising of In the third part, we find Idalia borne ashore on a plank; succoured by cottagers she continues her journey towards Rome in a man’s clothes.

Kirsten Saxton and Rebecca Bocchicchio. Apr 06, Jackie rated it really liked it. In The Female SpectatorHaywood wrote in four personas Mira, Euphrosine, Widow of Quality and The Female Spectator and took positions on public issues such as marriage, children, reading, education and thoyghtless.