Arnold Snyder reviews James Grosjean’s Beyond Counting. Nevertheless, reviewing guide Beyond Counting: Exploiting Casino Games From Blackjack To Video. Poker By James Grosjean in this website will certainly . Find great deals for Beyond Counting. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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It tells you what to do when you find a game. That’s already a way bigger hint than you deserve. They aren’t really the basis of a sustainable edge, the conditions under which these games are necessarily temporary.

Parx just had a dealer that was flashing down cards in bj21 for a week or more, consistently. The lock subsets were discovered by other authors decades ago. Care to elaborate a little more? Write a customer review. Got home from the lecture tour yesterday and it was waiting for me.

The page Beyond Counting established James Grosjean as an expert on casino gambling at the very top of grosjeah upper echelons of expertise. Learn more about Amazon Prime. We come to understand the casino as a series of layers of potentially strange behavior.

Find More Posts by twoblack9s. Living like an Athlete Posts: Send a private message to acesover8s. Customers cojnting viewed this item also viewed. Send a private message to NajdorfDefense.

Most of the information in this book was developed to attack a game rather than for the sake of analysis Beyond Counting by James Ggrosjean I noticed they’re offering free shipping. Bwyond Threads Started by twoblack9s. Send a private message to Peeig.


Book Review of

Free rooms, spent hundreds at a club and didn’t pay a dime for it, a bunch of free gourmet dinners, etc. His latest book, Exhibit CAA: His beyonx is gold. Find Threads Started by GreenSmoke There are what me might call “advanced plays” online as well even hole-carding and those require scouting for also.

Some of it sounds a bit fantastic to me, and I don’t know how often these situations come up, but maybe I just haven’t been looking hard enough.

If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates gorsjean seller support? Had it for a few days now.

The Magic Cafe Forums – “Beyond Counting” by James Grosjean

I say it only to illustrate that you know much less than you think you do. Originally Posted by twoblack9s.

Grosjeab, I love math, but it’s been a while since I had to think about equations like he talks about Originally Posted by Peeig That, and actually figuring out how to do what is discussed in the book, not everything is spelled geyond, so it takes some exploring.

Before you buy a used copy, be aware that Grosjean is releasing a new edition of “Beyond Counting” in or early He is witty and an elegant stylist. Insides look interesting too, albeit a bit dry for most. You seem quite bright.

Beyond Counting

Certainly, Blackjack card counting, couting Poker play, some full pay Video Poker, and sports betting are the most familiar. Originally Posted by GBV. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.


Originally Posted by NajdorfDefense. The question of whether finding a flashing dealer is easy or not is immaterial to the utility of the book.

Share your thoughts with other customers. October Learn how and when to remove this bsyond message. I won 40 grand the last 3 months on around 36K EV mind you, it’s not just a good run working around 10 days a month scouting 2 shifts a day though. Beond beyond the work of Uston and Wong. Hole carding is not crappy.

The book is a series of essays and analyses, divided into nine sections: In my opinion, Grosjean is on a level with Peter Griffin and a handful of others in both his understanding of advantage play and in his original work on not only blackjack but many other casino games.

Originally Posted by GBV I am frankly amazed that there are people out there who needed to be bbeyond that if a dealer flashes a card at you then you should use that information. Second, he presents a new way of thinking for “textbook gamblers” those grosjeab profit from books, but don’t develop original ideas for themselves.

I’ve even mentioned Grosjean’s name here once or twice. Send a private message to GreenSmoke Jul 9,