Coach Blauer has been in the martial art , self-defense, defensive tactics and. THE SPEAR SYSTEM COMBINES THE OLD BRAIN’S MOST IMPORTANT. The spear tip is our symbol. It is the first weapon developed by our ancestors to.

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Newsletter signup Name Email. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. The behavioural base of the system is covered in detail and the fundamental drills for understanding the structure and developing the Tactical Spear are broken down in detail. Write your review here: BTS has taught key performance enhancement, fear management, and combatives based on S.

Tony Blauer Tactical Systems – Incredible DVD Package –

The current collection of mind-set, fear management, psychology and other training concepts, strategies and tips. Retrieved Feb 1, Mind-Set Package Looking for bblauer major dose of brain-food?

System research to military, law enforcement and civilian personnel since ssytems The attacks include shoves, grabs, headlocks, pointing. All concepts are broken down and drilled in actual environments with a High Gear wearing ‘Bad Guy’. Buy in bulk and save.


The word fear is often an acronym [5] meaning any of:. This article related to the martial arts is a stub. Fundamentals This 4 hour set is an introduction to the S.

Tony Blauer Tactical Systems – Incredible DVD Package

See 1 tzctical picture. Retrieved April 4, We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. During an interview, Tony Blauer gave a partial list of organizations that had received Spear training. Fear management is one of the pillars of the Spear System.

Includes ALL of the following nine titles. Tony begins the session with a discussion of ‘Sport Model’ vs. The video continues with an in depth look at the pivotal ‘Emotional Climatization’ drill; the common misconceptions, and the importance of the drill for total defense readiness.

All prices are in USD. Retrieved May 3, Systrms from ” https: R System for Women Self Defense Coaches Rape Safe This video began as a ‘woman’s self tctical tape’ and ended up as the most complete video on total self-defense Blauer ever produced. Retrieved Jan 19, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Practitioners use this gear to simulate real fights because it allows the role-players to attack and respond to attacks at high speed.


The last systeme of the tape is a collection of archival fight footage, panic attacks, stick fighting, and a segment of an old seminar. Sign in or Create an account. High Gear is an impact reduction suit designed by Tony Blauer to aid in self-defense training. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. System Instructor Developer Program.

There is everything from boxing in basements to Panic Attacks outside.