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When the passcode is entered at the command center, the control panel checks the authority level. It can also indicate an important fact. Each group has a primary and a backup device.

Tells the control panel to use the phone line to send events if the primary destination fails after one or two attempts. CC Trouble Tone Default: L Fire Test Default: This rule applies even if duress is disabled.

One hour after the last failed attempt, the control panel again starts dialing the RAM phone number. CF Custom Function Keystrokes Visual displays still show. User Cmd 7 Default: Disarms all areas within the CC Scope of the command center being used by accessing the Function Menu and the authority level of the user performing the function.

Page of 28 Go. The response to restoral of AC power is delayed for the same amount d910b time. These are notes and clarifications of different aspects of the application.


M-indicates the user has access no matter what the armed state, P- indicates the user has access as long as the Area is perimeter armed or disarmed and D-indicates the user only has access when the area is completely disarmed. A Burg Pat Default: If you make entries on the second line, and the first line has less than sixteen characters, the second line clears d2910b you press [ENTER]. Because bosxh are using an SDI Path to send events, you must also x9210b the applicable items in Section 6.


Yes or No 2. Enter the area number where you are installing this command center or command centers with this address and the same DIP switch settings. If the control panel cannot initiate a dial tone on the ground start line with the default long setting, try the short setting.

Use a D Module and connect an LED to light when this relay is activated indicating that the area is not ready to arm.

Bosch D9210b Series Access Control Interface Module

Reports parameter checksum failure. Silencing Sounders in the Shared Area Area Shared area alarms and troubles can bosdh silenced from any command center. See Figure 5 authority having jurisdiction AHJ prior to nstallation. A short is an alarm when the area is armed. Each user can be assigned the same or different authority level by area.

Bosch D9210B Manuals

L Del User Default: Reports fire restoral from alarm. The FA Receiver is also supervised and the Inovonics Repeaters can be programmed to be supervised. No This menu item does not appear at this command center address. Point Response must be programmed 1. Yes or No Yes All events in this group print at this printer. Reports Non-fire Supervision Event. Use this function to view all of the main events Door Cycle and the boscn event modifiers By User in the event log memory.


Com Port Selection within HyperTerminal CC Entry Tone Default: Associate d9210g command centers can display faults from shared areas as long as the shared areas fall within the scope of the associate area. This programming category assigns a command center to an area and determines if the command center is supervised. Assign two CCs to the same area so one command center emits the tone and another does not.

This Program Entry Guide shows the programming options for each product handler. This relay provides a steady output until the alarm is acknowledged by a valid passcode then cleared from alarm memory with an acknowledgment at the command center.

Burg Time needs a bell period programmed. Comm Restore Events are not generated. Message Prioritization within a Route Number 2. The D supports up to two door controllers using the first two address settings.

DB Access Control Interface – Obsolete Radionics

Program Phone 1 with the applicable central station receiver phone number. This number is Phone 1 referred to in the prompts in Section 2. Tag your wire runs to prevent confusion during installation and troubleshooting.