I have been reading BRAWN by Stuart McRoberts, and from his point of view I have been really over training! I would love to hear the opinions. Perhaps the most effective training routines for the the vast majority of the population, come from Stuart McRobert in his book, “Brawn”. Stuart McRobert could literally change your life, at least the part of it I devoured his first book, BRAWN, the very evening it arrived in my.

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May 13, Dan rated it really liked it.

This exercise will help a man pack on muscle all over his body. McRobert moved to Cyprus inteaching at an English language school in Nicosia. An illustration of a McRobert routine: I certainly recommend adding it to your library, mcrpbert never rely on just one source for lifting advice. Views Read Edit View history. The steroids make it possible for them to do marathon workouts, recover quickly, and build muscles larger than a man not using steroids.

And, in my opinion, even more importantly, professional bodybuilders are using anabolic steroids. Please help by adding reliable sources.

Originally Posted by uncbob. Anyone know what the difference is between the three editions of his ‘Beyond Brawn’ book? His programs for newbies and more experienced lifters focuses on build a base of strength before focusing on building muscle, build progressive strength with the basic compound lifts, muscle gains will follow.

A typical McRobert routine is built on only five or six major movements spread over just two training sessions a week, or three in some special cases. Mar 24, Branden rated it it was amazing. The best way to do that is to get strong on a few important exercises. Routines are also to be entered into gradually, again to prevent injury.


Originally Posted by invega. In his latest book he also espouses the benefits of yoga to improve flexibility. Alright, enough lecturing about the merits of simplicity. I feel it is the best book written for us 35 plus people with other responsibilities like real day jobs and thus cannot live in the gym day after day week after week. McRobert lives in Nicosia, Cyprus with his wife and two daughters.

Stuart McRobert

Reece rated it really liked it Jun 12, Squats are a great muscle building exercise. Retrieved from ” https: Braqn it comes to building large muscles, professional bodybuilders normally have superior genetics. I was reading Brawn and Dinosaur Training at the same time. Jan 29, Art rated it really liked it.

Most bodybuilding books look alike, and are usually a bunch of photos of superstars and a collection of training advice and routines that simply don’t work well for typical folk. The appropriate time for evaluation is not somewhere in midstream. If you want to learn to play the piano, for example, practice correctly, and then practice some brzwn.

Please take a good look at your chest in the mirror. Not sure what was updated in them. I used variations of his programs and always made strength and muscle gains. Back on the 5×5 routine with renewed strength and still gaining.

The steroids make it possible for them to do marathon workouts, recover q I hated the first 30 pages, but greatly enjoyed the rest of the book.


Chuck Miller May 03, 15 minutes, 45 seconds. And they are minimums, remember. Brawn by Stuart McRobert.

Inside the Mind of Stuart McRobert — Training Advice You’re Not Following / Elite FTS

One of the worst things you could do to derail progress would be to sneak in additional training. Showing the Mcrobrrt advantages the genetically gifted bodybuilding superstars enjoy, Brawn demonstrates why conventional training is unproductive for “average” people who want to develop terrific physiques. Paul Wood rated it really liked it Jun 19, I read this book back inand it has formed the foundation for 20 years of lifting.

With that in mind, these four principles are certainly a few of the most important cornerstones of the McRobert training method: Whether through ignorance or unfounded bias, ignoring McRobert is something akin to ignoring the indisputable evidence that the earth is indeed round, and not flat. Beawn Bookmarks Digg del. My routines were based on the principles he outlined. I think that Stuart McRoberts programs are good programs, and that he is sincere in trying to help “hardgainers” and naturals.

I would love to hear the opinions of any of you who have read this book. New Items Strength Equipment. McRobert is focused on strength training for the so-called ” hardgainer “; someone who is not a natural athlete i.