Enriquecido con Aire o Nitrox buceo constantemente ganando popularidad entre los buceadores que desean maximizar su tiempo de fondo, minimizar sus. The NITROX course is the most famous PADI diving course in the world. Enriched air diving gives Buceo nocturno Especialidad PADI. ,00 € Add to basket. Estos sistemas son una ayuda para los instructores de buceo en el ámbito del Con la certificación de los compresores Nitrox de BAUER otorgada por el TÜV.

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You will learn how to avoid, recognize, and solve problems on the surface and underwater. The underlying principle behind Nitrox diving is relatively simple. Fri March 14 Many of the more exciting and intriguing dive sites are located in deeper water. Theoretical multimedia content divided into two modules where you will learn:. Science of Diving addresses all the areas of diving knowledge in a detailed and comprehensive manner: It means more time under water, especially in successive dives.

Since your “Enriched” air has more oxygen ubceo less nitrogen, your body will absorb less nitrogen than the diver that uses a regular scuba tank. To combat this, a diver must ascend slowly, make decompression stops, and adhere to the recommended surface interval before the next dive.

Considerations about diving equipment with enriched air.

NITROX PADI Enriched air diving. Only Theory

While Nitrox certainly ubceo its benefits, there are some additional precautions Nitrox divers should observe, which is why training and certification in nltrox with Nitrox is so important.

In addition, proper buoyancy control is the best skill for environmental protection. This program is also a prerequisite for getting involved in Technical Diving. The word “Nitrox” is a combination of the words nitrogen and oxygen, and can actually be used to mean a mix of the two gasses in any ratio. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.


You can typically stay longer down and return to the water sooner.

Los sistemas Nitrox de BAUER: para apasionados del buceo deportivo o para inmersiones profesionales

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. Aside nitroc your comfort underwater, proper insulation and protection is also important for your safety. The ease of movement without a heavy tank on the back and a new feeling of buoyancy are enticing advantages of the program. Therefore, if your air consumption is not altered by using EANx instead of air, the duration of the dive will not become longer by the sheer fact of using EANx instead of air. The equipment you carry varies somewhat, depending on whether you are going to dive to a tropical, temperate or cold water site.

Now the benefits are being discovered by more and more recreational divers. The fun part of this course is. We offer a variety of materials to study at home for the Open Water Diver course.

Nnitrox program is filled with information about planning and conducting night and limited visibility dives for fun, adventure, and exploration. In the theory part, we will focus on: This nitrogen is released into the bloodstream in small bubbles during ascent that forces the bottom times are reduced to avoid a high rate of nitrogen buuceo NITROX enriched air is breathable air in which has been slightly increased the proportion of oxygen and has decreased the proportion of nitrogen equivalent to that mixture.

Reviews There are no reviews yet. Add Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The PADI Open Water Diver course is the nitorx famous diving course in the world and has hooked millions of people to the lifestyle of the scuba diving adventure. You will do two dives with Enriched Air Nitrox so you can see for yourself the benefits of using these mixtures. One theory session, and one or two optional or required scuba dives.


Enriched Air or Nitrox diving is steadily gaining popularity among divers who want to maximize their bottom time, minimize their surface intervals and reduce the fatigue often associated jitrox making repetitive dives.

As we know, air consumption depends on several factors: It means more time under water, especially in successive dives. Theory session and enriched air dive.

These dives and exploring the past is exhilarating but there are some risks involved. To become a safe and confident diver, it is critical to develop an understanding of navigation.

It is not surprising that many divers choose it as their first specialty. There are two general types of Nitrox blends used for diving: The PADI deep diving course — The deeper your dive, the shorter your non-stop time — however the nitrox enriched air increases it giving you more time in depth. This kind of diving is already common practice for a lot of wreck- and cave divers. As a result, the Nitrox diver may spend more time underwater, less time on decompression stops and surface intervals, and in some cases, may not need to make them at all.

Water motion can have a tremendous effect on your enjoyment during your dives. Check the weather od the day of your activity and avoid surprises.