Standard Erection Manual (Supporting Structure) CFBC Boiler structure . This section describes mainly on boiler supporting structural erection up to drum. Over the past two decades, CFB technology—including CFB boiler Standard erection manual (pressure parts) – SlideShare Jun 19, Steam soot blowing system in CFB Boiler convective pass complete with soot trip valves, manual valves, flexible hoses and pipe work for the fuel, erection. All mating flanges and connecting materials at terminal points wherever.

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cfbc boiler erection method statement

The Boiler water-circulating pump comprises a single stage centrifugal pump driven by a wet stator induction motor as shown in Fig.

Header lugs must be used for lifting as shown in the Fig. Similarly the front end of the drum will be lifted with the help of cranes and this end also will be packed with wooden sleepers so as to support the front end.

Check and record erectioj bottom clearance after erection completion of arch portion. The buckstay does not expand.


II – Temporary Brackets are welded to the columns inside the furnace at the predetermined buckstay elevations. Temporary binders are removed and support lugs on tubes are welded with the end bars at the location shown in the drawing Radiant roof tubes are erected after the erection of all top headers, suspensions, S H links and end bar assemblies.

Cable trench is provided and pre-approved by the Engineer prior to erection of MV Transformer. This treated water will have a pH value of approximately One-inch wire rope on winch will be connected to both the 6 shieve pulleys through guide pulleys. Between loose front waterwall tubes above front upper panel and below radiant roof.

The bow in both the planes, scarfing line and stub verticality. Extensive research has been conducted on this technology for the past 10 years because pollution in the world is getting more serious by the day and clean practice will be very crucial for the sustainability of the earth. Checks on supporting structure prior to erection: During the holding time the test gauge pressure reading shall not drop noticeably. A – Presetting for that particular suspension depends erectiion ‘ 0 ‘ D – Distance from origin of expansion X – Distance of the pressure part component that is suspended from reference structure.


I need the quotation ereection -Please select product- Steam Boiler Hot Water Boiler Industrial Autoclavethe fuel is not for autoclavethe pressure isthe capacity isused for. Documents Similar To Boiler-Erection 3. To enable the inside inspection of the boiler, the interior has to be equipped with suitable scaffolding for inspecting the elements, walls, tubes bpiler welds.

Check the width and depth of second pass.

S H front wall inlet header. S H Links are completed. Make the repairs and refill the unit as mentioned above and repeat hydrostatic test. After completion of front tubes with inlet header erection, mqnual arrangement is shifted to rear side-ceiling structure. Our CFB boiler technology allows for a wide range of fuels to be burned efficiently. The rotor shaft is supported by water lubricated, tilting pad radial and thrust bearing mounted on the end of the stator shell.

boi,er Quality of treated DM water or treated condensate: The drum will be rotated with the help of crane so as to make erection lug on the top. Skip to main content. Proper erecyion of winches shall be checked and ensured.

While lifting the header, use a tag line to control the load movement of header. Erection welding Schedule gives the details of all erection welds and cross reference to these drawings wherein these welds are located.

This sequence is adopted to avoid any misalignment during welding.

During the period of raising, holding and releasing the test pressure, the entry to the boiler house is prohibited for all persons not participating in the pressure test.

Check the entire boiler to make certain that, all temporary ties to structural steel are removed.


For erection of supporting structure, the drawings given in structural group are to be followed. Care should be taken in erection and alignment of the rear arch tubes erectiob that the gap required between them and R H rear coils can be achieved.

Radiant roof consists of nos. Boiler Erection Manual Bhel. Drum skids – 3 Nos.

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited – Tiruchirappalli These guides are to be erected after floating the furnace. The DM water or Condensate treated with ppm ammonia and ppm hydrazine to egection a pH value of approximately The Unit shall be hydro tested for confirmation to IBR code requirements in two areas: After final alignment, middle joints are welded and tube support lugs are welded eretion end bars.

All four drum-lifting wire ropes shall be physically checked for any damages. Bhel Hydro Generator Manual all boiler communication using manuals bowl mill erection manual bhel tsotsi – loan 4 sure bhel hydro generator manual. Check whether the screen driver boxes are fixed with each other such that the gap does not exceed 1 mm.

These holes are to be in the direction opposite to chemical dosing pipe. Each discharges of the boildr is provided with the elbow down stop check valve in the discharge lines. Suspension rods are adjusted so as to align the roof tubes.

Hydraulic test is to be conducted after all welding of pressure parts and non pressure part attachments on to pressure parts are completed. Between tubes in lower corner transition tubes. Note Demineralised or condensate quality water is defined as containing no more than 1 ppm boilsr solids and essentially a zero concentration or lowest detectable level of organic materials.