The Packet-Optical Platform in telecommunication, computer networking and optical The Packet-Optical Platform (formerly called the Optical Multiservice Edge or OME during the product’s time at Nortel) in. Ciena’s Packet-Optical Platform converges three comprehensive networking layers into a single platform to provide customizable service delivery from the. Ciena’s Packet-Optical Platform converges three comprehensive networking layers into a single platform to provide customizable service.

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Introducing the 2-slot Ciena 6500 Packet-Optical Platform

I need know the Power Consumption Ciena What is the power in Watts consumption for the ciena 2-slots. Shelf 1 is connected to the total shelf with a cat5 cable from Port 83 to Port on top shelf.

This page was last edited on 1 Septemberat Prevention of this signal loss would normally require amplifiers or repeaters, or in some cases new better quality fiber would need to be installed. The 2-slot packs a ton of functionality into a small package. The system supports high bandwidth demands from applications like IPTV, Internet Video, HD programming, and mobile video by increasing the speeds over existing fiber.

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This computer hardware article is a stub. Let’s talk Contact us. Get the latest Network Insights Subscribe. Post them here and we will do our best to answer them. Are you a current Ciena customer? Do you need support on an existing product?

Join the Ciena community Learn more. Several OTN service cards are already available for the 2-slotwith OTN capabilities also part of the integrated multi-rate optical ports in the shelf processor. And with the Packet Transport System PTS configuration you can maintain profitable delivery of TDM services while future proofing investments toward an all-packet network modernization. All products Overview Features Specs 3D demo.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hi David, yes, two shelves can share a single transponder protection shelf TPT. Put on your lab coat and get ready to learn how you can take a programmable infrastructure, mix in analytics and SW control, and take tangible steps in enabling a more automated, adaptive network.

With more than 20, nodes deployed worldwide, the is one of the most recognized and successful optical transport products in the industry. Can anyone help me? But the 2-slot version of the is more than just a different size box, it serves as an entirely new deployment scenario for this ultra-flexible optical platform — extending the reach of the right to the customer premise.

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Introducing the 2-slot Ciena Packet-Optical Platform – Ciena

New Korean high capacity network ensures secure, efficient and reliable data center connectivity. Do you want to learn more about Ciena’s products? Can we help you answer a question? Subscribe now for the latest Network Lme.

And they offer the added benefit of insulating your network against uncertain service mix by providing transparent transport of all client services.

Ciena Nortel products Ethernet Computer hardware stubs. Do you need support on an existing product? Do you want to learn more about Ciena’s products? The optical cienaa is undergoing many changes with network providers looking to deploy coherent technology across new applications to gain increased capacity, reduce transport costs, and improve competitiveness. Your comment has been received and should appear on the blog shortly.

Maximizes operational efficiencies with the ability to tailor customer solutions via various chassis, power, and configuration options. Sales and support Email Cien number International number. WaveLogic programmable transceivers enable broader, more economical G deployments, significantly improving transport economics with the ability to scale to G and beyond.

There was a problem with your video. Visit our community Contact support. The most notable feature of the new 2-slot is its OTN capabilities. Email Toll-free number International number. Are you a current Ciena customer?