Some Nigerian males across various geographic and socioeconomic strata employ the use of herbals such as Cissus populnea extracts. Cissus populnea (Guill & Perr): A Study of the Aqueous Extract as Potential Spermatogenic Enhancers in Male Wistar Rats. Anthony B. Ojekale, Oladipupo A . Cissus populnea Guill. & Perr. [family VITACEAE]. Herbarium. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (K). Collection. Useful Plants of West Tropical Africa. Resource Type.

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Determination of Vitamin C Content Vitamin C content of the sample was determined using the method of Benderitter et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

There was also an elevation in absolute weight of the testis and prostate in both C. The extract however caused a four-fold increase in total sperm count; Ethno-medicinal uses include treatment of sore breast, indigestion, venereal diseases, intestinal parasites, oedema and eye problems resulting from attack of black cobra Naja nigricollis Irvine, Is there a common cause?

The roots or stem are used in building Irvine, Preparation of Tissue Homogenates The rats were decapitated under mild diethyl ether anaesthesia, and the testes tissue were rapidly dissected and placed on ice and weighed.

West African Plants – A Photo Guide – Cissus populnea Guill. & Perr.

Environmental health perspectives, McGuinness, Development of postnatal gonocytes in vivo and in vitro, in Function popullnea somatic cells in the testis. The oral administration of C. Results and Discussion Many plants are rich sources of phytochemicals, and intakes of these plant chemicals have protective potential against degenerative diseases [ 23 ].

The epididymis was used for estimation of sperm populnex. The findings suggest that oral administration of Cissus populnea aqueous extract improves spermatogenesis in male wistar rats. Choudhary, Effects of methanolic root extract of Cissus populnea on isolated uterine muscle of the rat. The use of C.


Journal of Medicinal Plants Research, Extraction is based on the fact that the free anthraquinones are soluble in non polar solvents while the glycosides are soluble in polar solvents. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Cissus populnea are clssus associated with a myriad of medicinal uses in different parts of the world and are good sources of carotenoids, triterpenoids, and ascorbic acid.

The CHCl 3 phase was separated and evaporated to dryness Figure 1. Cissus populnea has been used locally to treat many ailments such as venereal, stomach and skin infections; and also used as laxative or purgative. In this study, we examined the effects of aqueous extract of C.

Chukwuma, Quantitative phytochemical profile of the leaves of Cissus populnea Guill. Afrodisiacs — African Aphrodisiacs. Due to multifaceted reasons such as cost, scarcity, adulteration etc, quite a number of cisssu now patronize and use herbal remedies as therapy for ailments in most parts of Nigeria [ 23 ] and indeed other parts of the world at large [ 24 ].

Anthraquinones of Cissus Populnea Guill & Perr (Amplidaceae)

Photomicrograph of cross section of testis from C. In recent years, oxidative stress has been implicated in cisssus progression of male infertility. The stem bark is also used in preparation of soup and other foods as bean cake. Much of the effects of FSH on sperm production are exerted through actions on Sertoli cells. Analysis of variance and Student’s -test were carried out [ 22 ]. Izzo, The aphrodisiac and adaptogenic properties of ginseng.

Cissus populnea stem bark was extracted with water, concentrated and lyophilized. Lipid Peroxidation Assay 2. Trease and Evan’s Pharmacognosy. The inability of a man to either have full penetrative sex or impregnate the.

Various reasons including but not limited to. This experiment employed hydrochloric acid hydrolysis. There are quite a number of herbals presently available and commercially sold in the public domain in Nigeria which the manufacturers claim to enhance both libido ciesus spermatogenesis. This project aims at determining the type of anthraquinones from the stem bark of C.


The total flavonoid content of the sample was determined using a slightly modified method reported by Meda et al. Fenster, Have sperm densities declined? The water extractible phytochemicals from C.

HCl, few drops of FeCl 3 and clssus on a water bath for 30 mins. Cissus populnea is a plant associated with a myriad of medicinal uses in different parts of the world. Man since early times had always wanted to leave progenies behind as a means of continuity of his lineage and proof of his procreative ability [ 1 ].

Science and Education Publishing

Likewise, the incubation of rat’s testes tissue homogenates in presence of sodium nitroprusside also caused a significant increase in the populnex testes malondialdehyde MDA content as shown in Figure 1 b ; however, the extract inhibited MDA production content in the tissue in a dose-dependent 0—0. The tendencies of electron or hydrogen donation are critical factors in characterizing antioxidant activity that involves free radical scavenging [ 43 ]. Materials and Methods 2.

They were then passed through graded alcohol, cleared in xylene, embedded in molten paraffin and blocked out. American Journal of Medical and Icssus Research3 5 A reanalysis of global trend data. In Benin Republic, it is used for its diuretic properties while in Ghana it is used as a postharvest ethnobotanical protectant [ 10 ]. The total phenolic content of the plant Sertoli cells support all cells of the germ series as they pass through the various stages of development from primordial spermatogonia to fully differentiated free spermatozoa.