Abstract I try to rejuvenate Cleanth Brooks’s old thesis about the ‘heresy of paraphrase.’ This I do by analysing a couple of well-known poems and by performing. which Mr. Cleanth Brooks has called “the heresy of paraphrase.” What Mr. Bowra does, and does very well, is to give us what the poet talks about in so far as it. “the poem, if it be a true poem, is a simulacrum of reality by being an experience rather than any mere statement about experience or any.

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Instead, I will utilise it for my own purposes.

So some paraphrasability seems possible, which of course does not prove that there are fully paraphrasable utterances. If there is such a thing as a paraphrasable poem, Williams’s poem cannot be a paradigmatic example of a poem for the simple reason that such poems are parasitic upon non-paraphrasable ones.

And then went down to the ship. Poems like the one by Williams get their identity from being challenges to high modernistic poetry or even poetry as such.

However, they can be meaningful and at the same time impossible to rephrase satisfactorily.

Heresy of paraphrase | philosophy |

The same holds for ‘paraphrasability’ and ‘rephrasability. And when we explicate a text we try to make it easier to understand by using a different set of words to say the same thing but in a clearer manner.

Well, I certainly hope that my theories point in that very direction. Such a prober could be based on a depth interpretation of the poem as conveying the message that we human beings are easily led into temptation, but in most cases that is thr we have to live with it. For example, the case of king Oedipus in Sophocles Oedipus Rex.


Introducing the problem In this article, I want to discuss the question whether or not poems can bdooks paraphrased. Tophi Books,p. The whole is bigger than the sum of its parts; a poem is a holistic phenomenon. We might even say, conversely, that paraphrase is a kind of translation. Nevertheless, if the knowledge of faces is tacit by virtue of us perceiving them as being bigger than the sum of their parts, it seems tempting to think that the same holds for poems.

The deeper explanation for the non-rephrasability of poetry is that our understanding of it is basically tacit. We can be very familiar with a painting or a symphony without being able to describe it in words.

Further, I will try to explain the non-paraphrasability of poems by the means of my contention that our knowledge of them is typically tacit.

I am sorry, the heresj were tasty, they were brookx sweet and cold. Meaning as dramatic effect is produced by setting its tensions in motion. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Actually, paraphrzse theory about the tacit parapharse of our understanding of poetry gives my analysis the virtue of testability.

Sometimes an explication is closer to a summary, which in its turn tries to give the essential meaning of a text or an utterance. I try to rejuvenate Cleanth Brooks’s old thesis about the ‘heresy of paraphrase.

The Heresy of Paraphrase by Cleanth Brooks

In contrast to the question of the truth conditions, I will briefly discuss possible answers to the question whether it holds for all utterances, texts and suchlike, that they are somehow not fully paraphrasable. Please contact mpub-help umich. Analysing an example Now, it is high time that we illustrate the thesis of heresy with an example. Bantam Books,p.

The Heresy of Paraphrase – Wikipedia

The darling of the New Critics, T. But as I hope to show, it is well worth probing into and decidedly clleanth rejuvenation. Views Read Edit View heresu. In order to avoid misunderstanding, ‘textual meaning’ is not to be understood as ‘sentence meaning.


A prosaic text can be improved with the aid of a paraphrase, a typical poem is only destroyed. The heretics will be left behind in the grey land of paraphrases and empty phrases.

It is a pattern of resolutions and balances and harmonizations, developed through a temporal scheme. This concludes my description of the nature of a typical poem. The example was inspired by the findings of the Gestalt psychologists. Mott, and call it “Fountain,” but it would still not be the same artwork or anti-artwork as in the actual world.

A poem that cannot be rephrased cannot be adequately described because a paraphrase seems to be a kind of description hreesy a poem’s main content and possibly also its basic formal features. Let us look at some arguments against the thesis that no utterance can ever be paraphrased: In actual fact there has never been much systematic discussion about the thesis.

I think it is high time to take a look at Cleanth Brooks’s way of defending the theory of heresy. Dramatic irony is produced through a person who involves in action but does not know what is going on him but the audiences know.

Nobody can accuse me of just deciding by fiat that poems are typically not paraphrasable. He relied on comparisons with non-verbal arts in order to shift discussion away from summarizable content:.