CMIE does offer the raw data of Prowess too. This isavailable from s. In this setup,the user has complete freedom to. Visit 2. Use the Download Prowess IQ link on the right panel to download the Prowess IQ setup file. 3. Execute the downloaded. Prowess: Download ProwessIQ user interface (Client Software) for querying the Prowess database of financial performance of companies. You can install it on.

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The Prowess desktop installation is an attempt to pro-vide the middle path that gives power to the userto access information and it also provides easy-to-use,ready-to-view reports and charts. The official website of companies is not a uniformlyreliable source of information.

Normalisation is a necessary precondition inmaking comparisons. Their publication is a regulatory require-ment since This data is sourced from the Stock Ex-changes and the media advertisements made bythe companies. As a proportion of the available companies, the cover-age of manufacturing companies is slightly higher.

Prowess Resource Tutorial

Listed companies are required to provide to the StockExchanges, the structure of ownership of their equityshares and the ownership details of the top sharehold-ers.

And, it keeps tutoroal applications in new companies. Thus while nearly five thou-sand companies provide quarterly financial statements,less than three thousand trade reasonably frequently tobe included in the COSPI. CMIE analysts have designed xx tabulationsbased on the normalised data of companies andthe several ratios defined as explained above. Prowess is used extensively in the bankingsector, amongst investment companies, in transfer pric-ing applications, etc.

While both the functions described above seem obviousonce they are understood, it is important to appreciatethese two tasks so that Prowess is exploited maximally. Cmle services sector is quite heterogeneous.

But, since theseare too few, Prowess does not carry these. It hasany entry corresponding to every change in the number ofoutstanding shares for each company. However,we are careful to provide only those pieces of informa-tion that are reasonably reliable or official. It is quite likely that the coverage forthe years from will come close to 14, asmore accounts become available.


On the other hand,the number of electricity companies has increased bynearly 15 times. As a policy, companies are not removed fromthe database, prodess they have been added. But, since the proportion of man-ufacturing companies in the total companies has beendeclining, the tutorila in the count is smaller than theincrease seen in all companies. Prowess is also not arepository of documents pertaining to prowews suchas the official site of the Ministry of Company Affairs.

These are easy cases. The sum of listed companies 6, and unlisted com-panies 21, is greater than the total companies inthe database. Once a company tutoral into another company,it ceases to provide any information tutogial a separate en-tity. CMIE is first, an in-tensive user of the Prowess database.

Often, articulating your thoughts into pre-cise actions to be executed by a computer is notsimple and straightforward. It could be a cooperative or a bankthat is not a company or, it could be a statutory body.

This presentation isillustrative, to give some idea of the dataset available inProwess. Someof these are elementary and advanced algebraicfunctions to carry mathematical transformations. We are grateful to all of those who provided us feed-back. Nearly 37 per cent of the companies had sales of lessthan Rs.

There is no survival bias imposed by us. Itis also because of an increase in the number of privatesector power generating companies. This raises the cmue of such companies beingadded to the Prowess database. Data for was available for onlyabout ten thousand companies. Home Documents Prowess Resource Tutorial.

Normalisationis inevitable in building databases from heterogenoussources. The Prowess desktop installation is designed to assistthe professional analyst who would like to extract in-formation through a process of discovery.


Batchesstore a series of actions. The exchanges provided a lotof related information such as the dates since when theprices are traded ex-dividends or ex-bonus or ex-rights,etc.

Central Library IIT Bombay | CMIE Database

The Stock Exchange makes such informationavailable to the public. InProwess, a prowees is considered to be a listed com-pany only if it is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchangeor on the National Stock Exchange.

How-ever, the exploitation cmue this advantage was in partialabeyance as the services sector led the growth in thetwo decades. The status of the company is con-sidered only in one year either in the beginning or inthe ending year in these computations. The list of securities and the investments are captured here.

Prowess Resource Tutorial – [PDF Document]

This difference arises because all the manufactur-ing companies for which we have 20 years of data be-ginning indid not remain manufacturing com-panies 20 years later. This presentation is illustrative,to give some idea of the dataset available in Prowess.

It is quite likely thatavailability of information on unlisted companies maydecline. Prowess tracks the history of auditors engaged by com-panies.

Prowess is designed to help users access informationfor individual companies. Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement for listedcompanies require companies to disclose a lot more to-day than they did earlier, i. The charting facility in Prowess is versatile andeasy-to-use. Theprocess of winding up a company is so time-consumingand complex that they are often left unclosed even ifthere are no operations.

Com-panies do proqess and re-change their names.

Thisleads to a defacto selection bias. Some of the companies that have an offi-cial website do provide a lot of useful informationsuch as their Annual Reports, quarterly financialstatements, transcripts of analysts meetings andmore.