You only use this software to do all the development works, after you publish all the files into your web server for example like “htdocs in. CodeCharge is bar none, the easiest code generation tool available; allowing you to quickly generate .. at html. You need a Server Folder to host your published files/folders. For this tutorial, we will be using usbwebserver software package, i.e a type of.

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Based on Java standards Thus you can migrate your current Java code easily to OpenXava, and vice versa. Employee Directory Extend and adapt the Employee Directory application to fit any organization. Thus you can migrate your current Java code easily to OpenXava, and vice versa. Moreover, there is professional support available. Dependent Listboxes Two Dependent Listboxes An implementation of dependent drop-down menus dependent listboxes.

We tutoial happy developers since then”. Rapid Web development tools are becoming increasingly important for a growing number of developers these days.

CodeCharge Studio Open Source Alternative – OpenXava

Community Portal A simple and fully functional online Web Portal. Easy implementation, pretty simple yet very powerful ” Supreme Thanikachalam. You will get the same file with the same language that you developed using other software for example codeccharge Dreamweaver. Employee information is retrieved automatically after selecting an employee.

Very few bugs as far as I’m concerned”. Products By Category Report A report example. This website was generated with CodeCharge Studio. Full-featured applications AJAX user interface with no page reloading. The user interface and the cdoecharge logic are automatically provided. This portal is a great starter system for small codefharge, clubs, user groups, and schools. Posted by Mazli at The more used Java domain-driven frameworkdownloads.


Detail mode with tabs, frames, dialogs, editors for references and collections, responsive layout, etc.

CodeCharge Studio Demos and Examples

Free support in community forums, though they have thousands of threads all questions are answered. You can download latest version of Codecharge Studio 4.

If you choose to develop in php, you will publish php files, same tutoriwl asp, jsp and etc. Third party tools MinuteProject: Hundreds of professionals in LinkedIn with OpenXava experience.

Take a look codechatge at the professional-strength examples many included with purchase built using CodeCharge Studio. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Horizontal Grid An implementation of horizontal grid. Tutogial information is automatically prefilled based on listbox selection. Hundreds of videos on YouTube. You should understand that codecharge is only a tool that you use to develop application, but the database is the most important thing that will determine whether your application is successful or not.

Autocomplete and Autofill Matching names are displayed automatically when typing a name. Short learning curve Learning how to write simple Java classes is enough to write complete applications.

Make employee information accessible and improve communication and productivity. Any with support for Servlets 3. Posted by Mazli at 4: Before you want to start develop web application using the codecharge studio, you have to understand the concept of this software first. In addition to the classic web user interface for desktop you can get a mobile user interface for your application from the same code. Subscribe To Posts Atom. Learning how to write simple Java classes is enough to write complete applications.


I have actually quite a lot of experience in UI automation.


High productivity You only write the code for your data structure and business logic. Very few bugs as far as I’m concerned” Anonymous. Open source LGPL license that allows you to develop commercial applications without paying any fees. Codechaege can find it interesting when you start to use it and develop your own web applications.

Task Manager The Task Manager is a functional task, issue and bug tracking application for small companies and organizations to help maximize time. Online Bookstore This simple store can be used as a framework to create an expanded e-commerce system. Ready for use on your Website. So it takes a lot to impress me. Other Retrieving fields values from the server on the fly Retrieving field values from a database without refreshing the page. Horizontal Grid with Multiple Columns An implementation of horizontal grid with multiple columns.

You only write the code for your data structure and business logic. I have many flight hours as programmer and I didn’t find something so good for a long time. This site is dedicated to publishing my knowledge about Codecharge Studio. And I am impressed”.