-f19/dm-vecteurs-1ere-s-thtml T+ yearly -sur-les-suites-questions-de-cours-thtml T+ . -lycee-f19/vecteurs-et-barycentre-thtml T+ Ce site s’adresse à tous ceux qui veulent comprendre les phénomènes naturels – c’est le ce qui permet de ne pas passer par un cours de Physique auxiliaire. L’essentiel sur les puissances, cours sur les puissances pour les quatrièmes. (et les . collection d’exercices sur la relation de Chasles et les barycentres partiels. . Angles orientés, collection d’exercices sur les angles orientés en Première S. OEF Exercices sur les suites, collection d’exercices sur les suites en 1ere et.

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Simu-bubblemanually simulate a bubble sort. Decompdecompose a composed function. Circular drawdraw the circumscribed circle of a triangle, etc.

Basis changewrite a vector under another basis. Pathfindlink points by a shortest path. Deductio linear systemexercises of interactive deduction on linear systems. OEF finite mapcollection of exercises on maps between finite sets.

Graphic barycentesrecognize the graph of the derivative of a function.

WWW Interactive Multipurpose Server

Graphic inequalities 2Drecognize a plane region described by inequalities. Correcodedecode a message containing errors by an error correcting code. Elliptic billiardsbouncing on a billiard table of elliptic form. Coincidence Freehandfind the best possible approximation of a given curve. OEF permutationcollection of exercises on permutation. OEF Varicodecollection of exercises on codes barycentrees variable length.


Formules Physique

Basesfind a basis of a vector subspace under various definitions. OEF fractionscollection of exercises on fractions.

OEF ohmexercises on ohm’s law and serial and parallel connections. Doc Linkwordsled on linkwords. Cross multiplicationfind a matrix not commuting with a given one. OEF factoriscollection of elementary exercises on the factorization of integers.

Quizz matriceselementary questions on matrices.


Quizz derivativeelementary questions on derivatives. OEF physical integralcollection of exercises on physical applications of definite integrals of aur variable. Function drawdraw a function using the graph of another, requires java.

OEF iffcollection of training exercises on necessary and sufficient conditions.

Matrix calculatorcomputes determinant, inverse, eigenvectors, Flattenparametrize a function to make it infinitesimal at a point. OEF differentiabilitycollection of exercises on the differentiability of functions of one real variable. Cousr shoot cohrs, click on the center of a rotation 2D. Joint IIparametrize a function to make it continue or differentiable on 2 points.

OEF geometric integralcollection of exercises on geometric applications of definite integrals of one variable. OEF cartesian line 2D led, collection of exercises on plane lines and their equations. Triangular shootclick on one of the centers of a triangle. OEF Matricescollection of exercises on matrices.


Circuit drawtool for drawing simple electronic circuit schematics. Linsys findestablish a linear system according to a word problem. Graphic subsetsrecognize a graphically described subset. Factorisfactors integers and polynomials. OEF gradientcollection of exercises on the gradient of 2 variables functions.

Polynomial sweepgraphs and roots of a polynomial, with animated deformation. Interactive integrationsolve an integration step by step. Rankmultbarycentress two lrs whose product is a given matrix. Activities Function calculatorfor one-variable real functions: OEF forallcollection of exercises on logic quantifiers. Affine fixedfind the fixed point of an affine transformation.

Polyrayvisualize implicit algebraic surfaces by ray tracing. Graphic ODEgraphically recognize solution of a linear ordinary differential equation. Quizz integrationelementary questions on integration. Visual Gaussstep by step Gauss elimination for matrix or system.