The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has announced on their website that there are changes coming to the RC59 Business Consent form. Changes to the CRA’s RC59 Business Authorization Form. The Canada Revenue Agency has announced to tax preparers and representatives. All preparers need to complete an authorization request on the CRA’s Note: electronic filing of the RC59 and RC59X forms are now available for T2 module.

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You can authorize a representative to have access to all your CRA program accounts or you can restrict access to specific accounts.

Representatives: An important change is coming to form RC59 in May –

You authorize a representative online Option 2: To allow the CRA to communicate with a representative, you will need to give your consent. This site uses cookies. If you do not have a BN and want to authorize a representative, you may need to complete an authorization for individuals. Do you use form RC59, Business Consentto get online access to your business clients’ information in Represent a Client?

ec59 If you do, here are three important things you should know: Please select all that apply: All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. It is your responsibility to monitor and understand the transactions your representative is conducting on your cr59.


If you do, here are three important things you should know:. The CRA does not provide a unique confirmation number. The box shows the date and time of the transmission. This information flows from the Engagement worksheet. Select a program identifier from column 2 to just gain access to a specific program —payroll or GST for example. If a contact person does not have authority on your CRA business number program accounts, they cannot change information and we cannot share information.

Do not send it to the CRA unless requested to do so. Before you sign the form, ensure the information provided is accurate. Get In Touch Contact Us.

Report rcc59 problem or mistake on this page. Similar to the TCorp for T2 returns, you must keep this signed form on file for 6 years from the transmission date.

Therefore you cannot file this form by mailing it to the Cea. You cea commenting using your Facebook account. These changes are expected to be law in May of To find out how you can authorize a representative, go to How to authorize a representative. Read the “Cancel a representative RC59X ” section, below.


Online Conference — Oct. This information automatically flows from the Engagement worksheet. Valid RC59 already on file and submitted If you already submitted a RC59 in prior years or through some other way, select this option and you will no longer be prompted to complete the RC This means that TaxCycle could not connect with the Ccra system and no attempt at filing the return was made.

To authorize a representative online you must be registered with My Business Account. If you need to use a different Preparer or Firm Name on these authorization forms, enter that name on the page. This allows them to log in to Represent a Client.

Complete the rest of the form. They will also trigger a review message if the form doesn’t match the default set in options.

RC59 Business Consent for Offline Access

There are some important differences between contact persons and representatives. On the right-hand side r5c9 the window, scroll to the table. A link, button or video is not working.