PROLOGUE TO THE CATECHETICAL LECTURES OF OUR HOLY FATHER, CYRIL, ARCHBISHOP OF JERUSALEM. 1. ALREADY there is an odour of. The famous Catechetical Lectures of Cyril, archbishop of Jerusalem, are a series of 23 addresses St. Cyril gave in the fourth century to new believers preparing. The Catechetical Lectures of St. Cyril of Jerusalem [St. Cyril of Jerusalem, Paul A. Boer Sr.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. St. Cyril of.

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For faith is like putting money into the bank, even as we have now done; but from you God requires the accounts of the deposit.

Now weeping shews the repentance of the heart: Here then catechefical is further required, that each of you be found faithful in his conscience: If thy teachers think it no small gain for thee to learn these things, shouldest not thou the learner gladly receive the multitude of things told thee? There is then in the case both of men and of women alike the salvation which is ushered in by repentance.

What cleansing for such foulness? And when they had fulfilled the task in seventy- two days, he brought together all their translations, which they had made in different chambers without sending them one to another, and found that they agreed not only in the sense but even in words.

Catechetical Lectures

He when cast out drew many away with him. For if, before thou hast received it, the practice is good, is it not also good after the bestowal? Is there anything, he saith, smaller or lighter than ashes?

Stand aloof from all observance of Sabbaths, and from calling catfchetical indifferent meats common or unclean. Since Angels then are ignorant for to each according to his own capacity doth the Only-begotten reveal Him through the Holy Ghost, as we have saidlet no man be ashamed to confess his ignorance.

Rejoice, ye heavens, and let the earth be glad, for those who are to be sprinkled with hyssop, and cleansed with the spiritual hyssop, the power of Him to whom at His Passion drink was offered on hyssop and a reed. But let those here present whose habit of mind is mature, and who have their senses already exercised to discern good and evil, endure patiently to listen to things fitted rather for children, and to an introductory course, as it were, of milk: The Greeks on the one hand draw men away by their smooth tongue, for honey droppeth from a harlot’s lips: Since, therefore, it was necessary to break the heads of the dragon in pieces s He went down and bound the strong one in the waters, that we might receive power to tread upon serpents and scorpions.


Or again, because I have entered into a great garden, and cannot eat all the supply of fruits, wouldst thou have me go away altogether hungry? Thou seest the swift relenting of a merciful God.

St. Cyril of Jerusalem, Catechetical Lectures

Acacius charged Cyril with selling church property. For thou hast heard the Apostle say, Dead indeed unto sin, but living unto righteousness.

For every serpent creeps into a hole and casts its old slough, and having rubbed off the old skin, grows young again in body. Be of good courage, O Jerusalem; the Lord will take away all thine iniquities. The former prevailed to the cancelling of God’s decree, and cannot Jesus grant remission of sins? Heed not those who say that this body is not raised; for it is raised: God has no body: This faith then which is given of grace from the Spirit is not merely doctrinal, but also worketh things above man’s power.

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Even now let your ears ring, as it were, with that glorious sound, when over your salvation the angels shall chant, Blessed are they whose iniquities are forgiven, and whose sins are covered: According to Job, there was in the waters the dragon that draweth, up Jerusalwm into his mouth. And of them we have said enough.

For he who blasphemes the Father of the Christ is an enemy of lecyures Son. Learn then thine own weakness; learn from this instance the mightiness of God: Pray more frequently, that God may make thee worthy of the heavenly and immortal mysteries.

So then, because I cannot drink up all the river, am I not even to take in moderation what is expedient for me? Cyrillus Hierosolymitanus was a distinguished theologian of the early Church c.


Who sitteth on the right hand of the Father before all ages. Jeruzalem, do thou neither separate the Son from the Father, nor by making a confusion believe in a Son-Fatherhood; but believe that of One God there is One Only-begotten Son, who is before all ages God the Word; not the uttered word diffused into the air, nor to be likened to impersonal words; but the Word the Son, Maker of all who partake of reason, the Word who heareth the Father, and Himself speaketh.

Cyril of Jerusalem

Sin jeruswlem in the state of ignorance is pardoned, but persistent wickedness is condemned. This is the reason for the teaching of the Creed and for expositions upon it.

Say not, How are my sins blotted out? It appears your browser does not have it turned on. Thine heart was lifted up because of thy beauty: And learn this also, that the soul, before it came into this world, had committed no sin, but having come in sinless, we now sin of our free-will. But He who descended into the regions beneath the earth came up again; and Jesus, who was buffed, truly rose again the third day. But He extended the time on purpose, granting a respite for repentance. God then being thus great, and yet greater, for even were I to change my whole substance into tongue, I could not speak His excellence: Wouldst thou know what power repentance has?

Each one of you is about to be presented to God before tens of thousands of the Angelic Hosts: Cyrill ate grass like an ox: A bold saying, but not mine, for it is Jesus who hath declared it: From Wikipedia, the free catecheticwl. This is the cause of the Church’s admonitions, the cause of the present instructions, and of the lessons which are read.