By Danfoss, published Aug 04, For Industrial Refrigeration: AKS 41 liquid level transmitters are used to measure the liquid level in refrigerant vessels. AKS 41, accessories and spare parts. Top parts, gasket and other accessories for AKS Top parts, gasket and other accessories for AKS See more See. Buy F DANFOSS REFRIGERATION AKS / AKS 41 Connector,1in the best price, fast worldwide shipping, up to 65% discount DANFOSS.

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CO 2 transcritical cold storage facility to open in Northern Ireland. The store opened in November By Rico DanfoasDec 03, By Devin YoshimotoNov 21, The move is part of a wider global expansion strategy by the Italian multinational. The Best of R By Michael GarryDec 21, Manufacturers tell Italy event that growth potential is huge.


By Andrew WilliamsDec 17, By Dario BelluominiNov 30, DunAn is targeting hotels, schools, hospitals, ake other commercial and industrial end users in China. Which Refrigerant Is Best? By Andrew WilliamsDec 19, Inside the first CO 2 transcritical Delhaize store in Serbia. By Charlotte McLaughlinDec 21, By Charlotte McLaughlinDec 19, That E-mail already exists on our list!

AKS / AKS 41 Connector ,1in Danfoss – SANGCHAIGROUP

Natural refrigerants ripe for new markets. By Anti GkizelisNov 22, Dutch supermarket puts faith in adiabatic.

By Devin YoshimotoDec 27, By Andrew WilliamsNov 26, By Andrew WilliamsDec 11, Small store growth heralds CO 2 opportunities.

By Andrew WilliamsNov 19, Sign up to our Newsletter Fill in the details below.

By Andrew WilliamsNov 23, SincePlus has been installing adiabatic gas coolers in CO 2 supermarkets. Akss online resource site was launched at a side event in Katowice, Poland. Chinese manufacturer unveils new CO 2 heat pump.

AKS 41, accessories and spare parts – Visuals

CO 2 applications growing in warm climate regions. By Margot Goles-MacesicDec 18, New as are pushing the CO 2 equator south, conference hears. By Devin YoshimotoDec 21, By Michael GarryDec 17, We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website.


By Devin YoshimotoDec 31, By Andrew WilliamsNov 20, Industry leaders predict CO 2 growth. NatRefs ‘to take bigger market share worldwide’.