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Full text of “Explosives 5th Edition by Meyer, Kohler, and Homburg ()”

The air in front of the piston must be compressed somewhat and warms up a little; the compression range is determined by the velocity of sound in the air. At first, active absorbents such as a mixture of sodium nitrate with wood dust were employed sprehgmeister of the inert kieselguhr.

Andex 2 contains a small percentage of rock salt. As soon as this problem and the attendant dangers had been mastered, industrial-scale production became possible, and dur- ing the Second World War Cyclonite was manufactured in large quan- tities on both sides, using several mutually independent chemical methods.

Volk, F, Bathelt, H. For internal ballistics one ordinarily uses a truncated virial equation which breaks off after the third term and is in the form: Cumulative Priming Kumulative Zundung Counter-current priming, in which the explosive charge is simultane- ously primed at two or more places, so that the detonation waves travel to meet one another, and their effect becomes additive.


In this way it is possible to effect cladding tasks which would be impossible to fulfil by manual welding, owing to the formation of brittle intermediate alloys between the plat- ing material and the base material – as, for instance, in plating titanium onto a steel surface. R NOj, red yellow amorphous powder empirical formula: In the Cardox process, condensed C0 2 is brought to a high vapor pressure by means of a heating cartridge.

Das Lehrbuch Der Sprengmeister

CO-N h,c 2 -c. H 4 N 4 0 4 molecular weight: Ethylenedinitramine is prepared by nitration of ethylene urea with mixed acid, to yield dinitroethylene-urea; the latter compound liberates carbon dioxide with form ethylenedinitramine. In mines endangered by a potential firedamp explosion, the duration of the electric pulse must be limited to 4 ms with the aid of a triggering switch in the blasting machine, so that flying fragments cannot strike the firing circuit while the latter is still live, and then generate a short- circuit spark.

The front flyleaf contains a glossary of the terms denoting the characteristics of ex- plosive materials in six languages. Cyanuric triazide is an effective initiating explosive.

Sprengmeister Kurzanleitung – PDF Free Download

Capacitor machines have now superseded direct-generation ma- chines. Ethylene-urea is prepared by reacting ethylene diamine to ethyl car- bonate under elevated pressure.

DNT diffuses into the pores, the explosive becomes more homoge- neous and therefore more sensitive.

The distance between this meeting point and the geometric center of the cord is a measure of the reciprocal detonation lehdbuch to be determined: The smallest diameter is determinted at whitch the foil covering is penetrated. Detonation 90 The gap test explosive train is directed from bottom to top. Prior to the firing, 20 ml of 0.


daw All rights reserved including those of translation in other languages. Sprengmiester generation of a shock wave in air as a non- 3 Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4, and so on. P and Whitebread, e. Rudolf Meyer was born on 4. The destructive fragmentation effect of an explosion becomes stronger if the explosive is confined stemmed in an enclosure such as a borehole.

This technique can be applied to materials which are soluble totally in water black powder, ANFO. A cartridge containing the test sample is placed, with its front face open, in the tube and is packed tightly on all sides with coal dust.

Sprengmeister Kurzanleitung

Confinement 64 Confinement Einschluss Confinement sprengmister understood to mean an inert material of some strength and having a given wall thickness, situated in the immediate vicinity of an explosive. The curve now consists of two separate segments: C 4 H 8 N 4 0 8 molecular weight: Dismantling of Explosive Objects, Especially Ammunition.

The last nitration step in each case requires the most powerful nitration reagents such as nitronium tetrafluorobor- ate or dinitrogen pentoxide.