After Capitalism. A presentation of the main points of the book by David Schweickart Schweickart’s ‘Successor System Theory’. □ It should be concrete . In After Capitalism, David Schweickart moves beyond the familiar arguments against globalizing capitalism to contribute something absolutely necessary and . After Capitalism by David Schweickart Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham, MD, , pages, $70 hardcover, $ paperback. ARE TODAY’S MOVEMENTS.

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After capitalism is an accessible book for students and anybody who is interested in politics and explains also the way we may follow to realize the new system. He holds a Mathematics BS from the Univ. History of Western Philosophy. Jason Schulman rated it liked it Jan 02, That isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

He does explain that the alternative of central planning can be criticized on the grounds that it leads to authoritarianism and is fatally inefficient, and he refers his readers scnweickart the recent debates over the market for a fuller discussion. Capitalism and Its Discontents.

Sign in Create an account. The negative association of central planning to failed Soviet-style authoritarian systems must certainly be faced.

David Schweickart’s “After Capitalism” | Solidarity

savid Firms will therefore tend to be smaller, and competition sfhweickart only be over incremental market share, without an incentive to drive competitors out of business. Schweickart’s book is the best and clearest vision of post-capitalist economics that I’ve come across. After Capitalism David Schweickart Limited preview – Investment in plant and equipment is to be funded by means of a tax on the value of existing structures, actually a kind of lease on fixed capital which may not be privately ownedpaid by firms to the state.


As for the rest, I am not sure why new investments and innovative product capitallsm cannot occur within the context of existing socialist cooperatives. We are vastly better situated than was Marx or even Lenin in this respect, for we have accessible to us not only a century of unprecedented socioeconomic experimentation but also data and conceptual tools that were unavailable to the founding theoreticians of socialism.

After Capitalism

Interesting alternative to the current economic system. This activity is, once again, a matter of survival; if one firm does not undertake it, the competition will. This new addition enhances the first by dealing with the current meltdown, and offering an alternative to all concerned with winning the battles for democracy.

Without a survival imperative for firms and individuals alikethere will be no price system. Allotting some workers a davix share in income, working some harder than others, laying some off, hiring the poor from other regions, etc. This was the most enjoyable socialist book I have read in years.

Will a regulatory agency monitor them?

Food list Recycling Platform cooperative. Schweickart’s concept of Capitalksm Democracy provides a compelling vision for everyone distressed by the enormous waste of human potential that characterizes capitalism as we know it.

For example, Capital argues that commodity production market-based production separates the useful, qualitative aspects of human labor from its abstract, quantitative aspects, and that the two aspects use and exchange develop together according to distinct, and often conflicting, logics.

The Debate Among Socialists Routledge, He uses all these as resources, but he returns to American soil to work out his basic ideas and proposals How strong are forces tending against democratic management and in favor of private ownership likely to become?


To begin his critique of capitalism, Schweickart defines it as a society consisting of davd basic components: We apparently are to assume capittalism, in the light of recent experience, the understanding of capitalism as three separable components will suffice to analyze its problems and construct a successor system.

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Ca;italism does a worthy successor look like? The banks do not charge interest. David Ingram No preview available – This activity is, once again, a matter of survival; if one firm does not undertake it, the competition will.

This would be true even if a one-person-one-vote management policy is enshrined in a constitution. Schweickart seems to think so, and I confess this book largely convinced me that his system, which he calls Economic Democracy, is a plausible and a pluralistic solution.

David Schweickart

Sep 03, Simon rated it really liked it. Taxes will be distributed geographically for investment in new and existing operations. Otherwise, after paying their capital assets tax, some firms will find themselves with more profits than others, and use the excess for expansion purposes instead of personal consumption, thereby circumventing the social investment process.

Only the most fanatical adherents of the ‘free market’ orthodoxy will now say that ‘there is no alternative. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Get articles and upcoming events delivered every month.

David Schweickart, After Capitalism, 2nd Edition – PhilPapers

David Schweickart – manuscript. See all 20 reviews. Kostas rated it really liked it Aug 07,