Ley Contra la Violencia Sexual, Explotación y Trata de Personas (Decreto número ). Congreso de la República de Guatemala. Con fecha 18 de febrero de el Congreso de la República de Guatemala, aprobó el Decreto , Ley Contra la Violencia Sexual. ; Congreso de la República de Guatemala, “Decreto Numero ,” “Mayas Tienen Grandes Valores y Rezagos,” Prensa Libre, August 9,

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By agreement between employers and male workers, the suspension of the contract decerto be enjoyed by workers in full-time or part time with a minimum of 50 per cent of daily work performed. Labour Code Organic Law on the Guatemalan Social Security Institution Qualifying conditions The presentation by the female employee to the employer of all documents that certified that the adoption has taken place.

Not to perform activities like the exposing to physical agents, such as ionising radiations or work in hyperbaric atmosphere, the exposing to biological agents such as toxoplasmatics, rubella virus, or chemicals agents such as carcinogenic and mutagenic substances, are included in the non-exhaustive list of prohibitions.

When both parents work for the same company, the employer may prevent deo concurrent exercise of their parental leave on the grounds of business risks. Nursing breaks shall be remunerated and calculated as time worked. Social security Paternity leave benefits Scope The social security system including paternity benefits covers congres the Spanish citizens normally exercising an activity in Spain, such as employees, including casual, seasonal and permanent workers, self-employed persons, students and guatemxla servants.

The worker shall be reinstalled in her job as soon as her condition allows it. A woman worker may remain absent from her job for a longer period as a result of illness which is confirmed by a medical certificate to have been caused by pregnancy or confinement, provided that this period does repbblica exceed three months, counting from the point when leave was taken.

  BGV A8 DIN 4844 PDF

Labour Code Nursing facilities Every employer who employs more than 30 women must provide an adequate area for mothers to feed their children under three years of age without hazard, and in which to leave them whilst working, under the supervision of an appropriate designated person paid for that task. The post the worker occupied has to 9-0209 kept open for one year from the date that parental leave commences.

This Royal Decree will address among others, issues on minimum wage rates, in kind allowances payments, extraordinary payments, daily rest period, etc. The social security system including maternity benefits covers all the Spanish citizens normally exercising an activity in Spain, such as employees, including casual, seasonal and permanent workers, self-employed persons, students and civil servants.

ILO is a specialized agency of the United Nations.

Guatemala – Maternity protection – 2011

There have not been established laa provisions neither for pregnant workers nor breastfeeding mothers. They may reduce their normal working hours by 30 minutes instead of taking the breaks.

After the legal grounds of suspension have ceased to exist, the worker is entitled to his or her reinstatement in the job.

There is not express compulsory leave, however, the mother may accumulate the days not enjoyed of pre-natal leave to the post-natal leave period. Seventy-five percent Financing of benefits Social Security System, which is financed by different sources: Please contact us if you have updated information. Public servants are covered by the Guatemmala of Public Service and its Regulations. Not to be discriminated on grounds of sex or marital status when seeking employment or after having been employed is one of the basic rights of workers in Spain.

She can conyreso transferred to a post which does not correspond to her group or category, although she would keep the remuneration of her previous post. Labour Code General Every employer has the duty to repbliva all the necessary precautions to protect effectively the life, safety and health of all workers. There are not stipulated qualifying conditions to be entitled to paternity leave. Nursing mothers may not be employed on work which involves a significant risk of contamination.


TRAVAIL legal databases

The Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance-MSPAS- The Institute of Social Security of Guatemala, and NGOs that have among their social goals to offer healthcare services and that have celebrated agreements with the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance have the duty to provide healthcare services during pregnancy, confinement and the post-natal period without any discrimination.

Social Security System is financed by different sources: The duration of the break will be increased proportionally in the event of multiple births. The presentation repblixa the female employee to the employer of all documents that certified that the adoption has taken place. Labour Code Protection from discriminatory dismissal It is forbidden to dismiss female workers during pregnancy decfeto breastfeeding period.

International treaties, agreements or instruments ratified, subscribed or repbilca to the effect are applicable with respect to nationals from other countries. Eighty-four days Extension It is not provided extension of the maternity leave in case of multiple birth.

The Nursing period shall not exceed 10 months unless more favorable provisions are provided for in a collective agreement or according to custom.

Labour Code Work on rest days Not prohibited. Medical assistance comprises medical, surgical, therapeutic and hospital care during pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period.