CCNA 3 Final Exam Answers version v – % Full, CCNA v5. v The new switch has a VTP revision number of 4. CCNA v Routing and Switching Exam Answers , Free CCNA Study Guide, Tutorials, Labs, Practice Exams. CCNA Security, , v CCNA 2 v Capitulo 4 Examen Online en Español Cisco CCNA 1 Capitulo 4 Examen Pregunta 13 Cisco CCNA2 v Capítulo 3 Examen Pregunta

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This entry can only be removed from the MAC address table by a network administrator. This exam tests the knowledge and skills required to install, operate, and troubleshoot a small to medium size enterprise branch network. Implement Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol.

Which security protocol or measure would provide the greatest protection for a wireless LAN? What are two benefits of the IEEE Configure the switch with the descargae VTP domain name as other switches in the network.

October 6, at 5: Ccns computers in each office are not able to ping each other. June 17, at 3: Which switch will become the root for VLAN 20? Physically connect to the access point and then reboot the computer to launch the configuration software. This is required if a web server or web farm is attached to the switch. November 30, at 8: This new curriculum also includes but is not limited to the use of these protocols: It segments a network into multiple broadcast domains.


Increase the distance between the clients. dewcargar

It is plain wrong. August 7, at 8: A student has decided to share access to the Internet by attaching a hub and laptop to STW as shown. October 18, at 3: The switch port is able to trunk if the remote switch port is set to desirable.

A non-proprietary trunking protocol is in use. SSH encrypts only the username and password when logging in. The CCNP curriculum examines complex networking concepts, such as troubleshooting tools and more sophisticated configurations. The switchport must be configured for voice traffic. Which configuration changes will increment the configuration revision number on the VTP server?

MAC addresses are sent in plain text and can be spoofed.

DMC Cisco Networking Academy

Hosts A and B, connected to hub HB1, attempt to transmit a frame at the same time but a collision occurs. What is the resulting behavior of the switch port? Why do you need a router if there both on the same vlan?


The PC is set to full duplex. The switch traffic is exceeding available frame buffers. Whenever an inter-switch link fails, the network takes nearly a minute to completely converge. December 12, at 1: It is participating in the election process by forwarding the BPDUs it receives. The command copy running-config startup-config should be used to save the changes on the switch.

November 5, at 6: All trunk links are operational and all VLANs are allowed on all trunk links. The port will transition immediately into cutricula state.

CCNA 3 Final Exam V4.0 Answers

This response is more precisely in 7. What is one disadvantage that What is a possible impact of setting too short an aging time in the MAC address table of a switch? The clear mac-address-table command will remove statically and dynamically configured table entries. The use of higher frequencies means that signals are more likely to be obstructed. This includes implementation and verification of connections to remote sites in a WAN.