Digital Mums is a social media training company specialising in getting mums job -ready so they can create flexible careers that fit around family life. From customer experience to data and AI, SapientRazorfish is business reimagined. Learn how we can help drive your company’s digital transformation. If marketers want to understand today’s mom, we had better get in touch with her digital side. CafeMom and my employer Razorfish have.

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The busy mum is being influenced by the child to spend more time on-line. CafeMom arrived at five different segments of digital moms that use social networking sites along with ways in which marketers might approach each type.

Time for Brands to Change their Approach when Marketing to Mom, Says New Report by Razorfish and CafeMom Mobile browsing, social media increasingly influential in moms’ purchase decisions New York, NY February 2, – A new marketing report by Razorfish and CafeMom indicates that moms’ digital behaviors change remarkably when their children hit 12 years old and that mobile browsing and social media channels are increasingly affecting moms’ buying decisions. Click here to get more info on what we do and find out which course is the best fit for you.

I’m now a freelance social media manager and work 20 hours a week flexibly from home. Ready to gain in-demand social media skills and kickstart your new flexible freelance career?

New survey delves into the lives of digital moms

Subscribe to BizReport Please enter your e-mail here: The Groupster is a dynamic builder of online communities and seeks purchasing information and advice from her wide social circle, which includes moms she does not know offline.

Welcome to the Club. One of our team will be in touch shortly with more info. Total career change, total flexibility. Republication or redistribution of Razogfish content is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent.


New survey delves into the lives of digital moms – Social Marketing – BizReport

Whether your digital skills are in need of a refresh or you want to change to a more family-friendly, flexible career, our radical approach to training means you’ll use your skills straight away. Stay-at-home mum to own boss.

Once part of a social network, these moms are not just passive consumers, but active participants in activities such as blogging, photo-sharing, engaging in razogfish discussions and building communities based on similar interests.

The community aspect is the draw. Moms’ interests are broad; some interests change by life stage, and some do not.

Whether your goal is to be there at the school gates, cut down on childcare or get a better balance between work and play, our vocational mu, paves the way for a flexible and fulfilling career. In the mean time why not take our short quiz to find out which course mu right for you!

For all questions, please choose the statement that best describes you or your situation. Our Social Media training. About CafeMom CafeMom is the largest online community for moms with millions of highly-engaged users, where moms connect on shared interests, challenges and local issues in their communities. You can unsubscribe any time. For the purposes of this report, Razorfish surveyed 1, “digital moms”–defined as women with at least one child under 18 in the home who have engaged with two or more emerging technologies and who have researched, sought advice or purchased a product online in the last three months.

Get our Info Pack! The entire report has been published online. Brands that can tie their messages into the information she is seeking, especially via the voice of other moms, will be the most successful at connecting with the Infoseeker.

About Razorfish Razorfish, formerly Avenue A Razorfish, is one of digutal largest interactive marketing and technology companies in the world, and also one of the largest buyers of digital advertising space. Survey findings will help marketers to better understand the different types of moms using mobile browsing, social media and emerging technologies and how to engage them most effectively depending on their age and the age of their children.


A Digital Transformation Agency | SapientRazorfish

The study found that moms are spending more time on social networks than ever before, turning to them for social, recreational and informational purposes. Those moms are increasingly using the Internet to stay connected, keep informed, seek advice, help with daily chores and to keep abreast of their children’s digital lives.

Redundancy to freelance flexible career. Highlights of the report’s observations and recommended marketing approaches for each segment include: With a demonstrated commitment to innovation, Razorfish counsels its clients on how to leverage digital channels such as the Web, mobile devices, in-store technologies and other emerging media to engage people, build brand loyalty and provide excellent customer service.

New York, NY February 2, – A new marketing report by Razorfish and CafeMom indicates that moms’ digital behaviors change remarkably when their children hit 12 years old and that mobile browsing and social media channels are increasingly affecting moms’ buying decisions. They have tons and tons of features and s of articles on all kinds of topics.

Flexible Hours WorkThatWorks Our groundbreaking approach to learning gets students ‘job-ready’ like no other training course. To reach the Utility Mom, marketers should align with entertaining widgets and send brand messages through influential women in her circle. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Results confirm digital moms have moved beyond email and search, and are now active users of Web 2.