Dr. Brownstein claims 96% of the patients tested in his clinic had iodine deficiency. I have started testing patients in my practice and estimate from the first . Buy Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It (5th Edition By David Brownstein, M.d. and a Bottle of Amazon’s Choice for “dr. brownstein iodine”. Dr. David Brownstein. – “Iodine is not only necessary for the production of thyroid hormone, it is also responsible for the production of all of the other hormones of.

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Elite Test Reviews. When fluoride is pushed out of the thyroid and pineal gland, there is broqnstein increase in melatonin and sexual maturation, better calcium metabolism, better thyroid function, post-menopausal function, and less cancer and fibrocystic breast disease. Iodine sufficiency helps to remedy this lung issue. Such reactions are even less likely with singlet or unbound iodine.

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Fluoride is forced out by iodine sufficiency or saturation. In the Japanese had times more iodine in their diet than Americans. In addition, hardly any physicians use the iodine loading test to determine brownsstein deficiency. This is why today, more than ever before, there is a real need to supplement with iodine with holistically adequate levels. As previously mentioned, iodine helps with mental functioning. This effect was mentioned as early as June 1st, in the NY Times.


This is not a sign of hypothyroidism. It is safe browbstein suggest that at least the guidelines given by Drs. Without adequate NIS, iodine cannot enter the cells and be utilized.

Even the Food and Nutritional Board at the Institute of Medicine has set the tolerable upper limit of 1, micrograms of iodine daily. The WolffChaikoff effect suggested that theoretically hypothyroidism could occur as a result of excess iodine. Sponsored links Kinesio tape has been touted as a way to relieve pain and improve athletic performance This is roughly equivalent to focusing on the healing crisis that sometimes iovine when one transitions into live foods or fasting and to blame the diet or iodind fasts rather than treating the healing crisis as a healthy detox activated by the live foods or fast.

David Marine proved that iodine reversed goiter in a study in which 2, schoolgirls were given an equivalent of If deficient, protein synthesis is disturbed. Iodine serves to prevent ioeine peroxidation, especially in breast cancer.

We may also have a healing crisis reaction from these toxins leaving the system. Brownstein in his book Iodine: This explains why Chernobyl survivors that took iodine, even some who took it after the nuclear fallout, did escape thyroid cancer. Iodine deficiency causes hormone dysfunction in all bodily hormones.

Adequate iodine is the critical nutrient that activates and sustains this physical and energetic chakra bridge. Sponsored links Is antibacterial soap detrimental to your health? In fact, cancer death rates have remained nearly unchanged over the last 80 years. In the larger humanitarian context the risk to benefit ratio of these recommended doses is extremely safe for healing the planetary population and ourselves.


From a worldwide perspective, the current level of iodine deficiency is pandemic.

It is also said to be effective in treating tuberculosis. Another fact in the total population picture is that estimates show that more people have died from iodine deficiency than died in both World Wars.

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Plus, traditional cancer treatments have been a dismal failure, particularly when the initial cancer returns — often with a vengeance. Although the Mayo Clinic states that iodine supplements are usually not necessary, these supplements are easily found for far less cost at any reputable supplement vendor.

This clearly illustrates the importance of iodine for brain development and overall health. This ad for Dr. David Derry from Canada, there are active thyroid hormone sites in all the mitochondria, and when there is enough iodine to activate the thyroid, we increase ATP production in all cells as well.

Iodine is essential in thyroid hormone synthesis. Unfortunately there has been no real study, ever, about what is the optimal safe dosage of iodine.