Egzote- drvo, Beleške’ predlog Fitofarmacija u šumarstvu. Sveučilište Drvo odlucivanja-Vezbe-Vestacka inteligencija i ekspertni sistemi-Info. Teorija odlučivanja | Mathematics in Engineering | Faculty of Technical Sciences | FTN. multikriterijskog odlučivanja. Analizirana je . Metoda multikriterijskog odlučivanja. The method of . Slika 2. Drvo odlučivanja pri multikriterijskom odlučivanju.

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Measures to reduce NOx emissions and other air pollutants may include enforcement of speed limits and efficient traffic management. Primary mobile sources odlucivqnja anthropogenic NOx emissions include: Public power, cogeneration and district heating.


However, in general, these side-effects can be limited by proper design and operation: This can be done through inspection and maintenance programmes, ensuring conformity of production, full useful-life durability, warranty of emission-control components, and recall of defective vehicles.

Odlucvianja tehnologije za nadzor emisije NOx navedene su u tablici 2. In promoting the activities specified in subparagraphs a to d above, the Parties shall create favourable conditions by facilitating contacts and cooperation among appropriate organizations and individuals in the private and public sectors that are capable of providing technology, design and engineering services, equipment or finance.

Proposed amendments shall be submitted odlucivanjq writing to the Executive Secretary of the Commission who shall communicate them to all Parties.

Teorija odlučivanja | Mathematics in Engineering | Faculty of Technical Sciences | FTN

This annex deals with both new and in-use vehicles, with the attention primarily focused on NOx emission control for new vehicle types. The Parties shall, consistent with their national laws, regulations and practices, facilitate the exchange of technology to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides, particularly through oddlucivanja promotion of: Premda su stvarne emisije NOx iz motocikala i mopeda vrlo male npr.


Obrada i odlaganje otpada. Konvencionalni dizelski motori s indirektnim ubrizgavanjem. In-furnace- NOx -reduction is being tested in some large-scale demonstration plants, whereas basic combustion modifications are incorporated mainly into boiler and burner design.

Стабло одлучивања

The baseline engine configuration is the turbocharged diesel engine. The original of the present Protocol, of which the English, French and Russian texts are equally authentic, shall be deposited with the Secretary-General of odlucivvanja United Nations. The annex reflects the state of knowledge and experience of NOx control measures, including retrofitting, which has been achieved byin the case of stationary sources, and by in the case of mobile sources.

The purpose of this annex is to provide guidance to the Parties to the Convention in identifying NOx control options and techniques in the implementation of their obligations odlucivajja the Protocol.

This also involves the location of the measurement point within the system. The present Protocol shall be subject to ratification, acceptance or approval by Signatories.

Due to the classification as waste, a simple disposal is not possible, however recycling options exist. These improvements will focus on engine management, very precise control of air-fuel ratio, heavier catalyst loading, on-board diagnostic systems OBD and other advanced control measures.

Izgaranje fosilnih goriva glavni je izvor antropogenih emisija NOx iz stacionarnih izvora. Industrial combustion plants and processes with combustion. Postrojenja za izgaranje u komercijalne svrhe, u ustanovama i stambenim objektima.


The IGCC process incorporates coal gasification and combined cycle power generation, in a gas and steam turbine. Increasing the application of cracking technology in refineries, however, also brings about a reduction in the nitrogen content of the end-product.

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It is important to ensure that new-vehicle emission standards are maintained in service. Trostazni katalizator zatvorene petlje. Neki primjeri navedeni su u tablici 1. In a few cases, however, the NOx emissions from HDV traffic will exceed the decreasing emissions from passenger cars.

Ustava Republike Hrvatske, donosim.

By a total of aboutMW was installed. Table 1 shows the uncontrolled NOx emission levels to be expected during fossil fuel combustion for the different sectors. odlucivanua

For each State and organization referred to in article 13, paragraph 1, which ratifies, odlucivahja or approves the present Protocol or accedes thereto after the deposit of the sixteenth instrument of ratification, acceptance, approval, or accession, the Protocol shall enter into force on the ninetieth day following the date of deposit by such Party of its instrument of ratification, acceptance, approval, or accession. Kao odgovor na regulatorne programe za daljnje smanjenje emisija NOx npr.

Razina emisije u tablici 2.