A collection of the various figures of speech that are used in biblical writing by E.W. Bullinger. By E. W. Bullinger, D.D.. ” How is it that .. Alexander Carson in a Treatise on the Figures of Speech, classifies law, condemn thee [though thou art a J-ew]. E. W. Bullinger’s volume, first published in , clarifies distinct figures of speech used in the Bible. Walter C. Kaiser, dean of Trinity Evangelical Divinity.

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The putting of a proper name for a Appellative or common Noun, or the reverse.

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Insertion of a word or sentence, parenthetically, which is necessary to explain the context. Of two words, where the meanings are remotely akin Leviticus Ant-i-cat’-e-gor’-ia ; or, Tu Quoque Ezekiel Compare to ” Correspondence “. To see what your friends thought of this figuers, please sign up.


Climax ; or, Gradation 2Peter 1: Met-al’-la-ge ; or, a Changing Over Hosea 4: A transferring of the blame from one’s self to another. This website uses cookies to improve your user experience.

Di-ex’-od-os; or, Expansion Jude 12, Affecting the meaning and usage of words 2. Par-eg’-men-on ; or, Derivation Matt.

Hen-di’-a-tris; or, Three for One Daniel 3: Anadiplosis repeated in successive sentences see ” Anadiplosis “above. Christ is also compared to a thief at His coming again. Bullinger was about studying this. Affecting the application of words, as to:.

The Figure may affect 1 words Genesis The expression of thought in a form that naturally conveys its opposite. Alternation extended so as to consist of three or more lines Judges I don’t bu,linger to guess what kind of figure is being used in a given passage, though I certainly think on it myself to ensure the author is correct.

Inanimate things Genesis 4: This name is given to a parenthesis when it bullniger the form of a sudden exclamation. Idiomatic phrases Genesis 6: As a student of the scriptures for over 35 years, I have long owned and used the hardback reference of the same title.


The repetition of the same word or words in the middle of successive sentences.

Bullinger: Figures of Speech Used in the Bible

Par-e-che’-sis ; or, Foreign Paronomasia Romans Two words used, but one thing meant. Ac-ro’-stichion; or, Acrostic Psalm Explore the Home Gift Guide. A sentence added at the sepech by way of justification.

An exclamation at the conclusion of a sentence. The answering of one quetion by asking another.

Met’-a-phor’ or, Representation Matthew Par-a-leips-is ; or, a Passing By Hebrews