An introduction to Easytrieve. The below tutorial gives brief overview of Easytrieve. Structure of an Easytrieve program. Contains 3 sections. iv CA-Easytrieve/Plus User Guide. Chapter 3: Standard Reporting with CA- Easytrieve/Plus. Reports Made Easy-A Tutorial. Easytrieve. Variables. Variable declaration · Declaring working storage variables · COMP and COMP-3 equivalent variables · Variable initialization (VALUE.

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Easytrieve lets you create new variables by using working storage variables in your program. Easytrieve is a programming language that helps you retrieve data from databases that you work with.

PRINT statement requests report output. This parameter can take the following values: Retrieval of input files.

This specifies the record format of the file. If your instructions only ask for data for June you need to indicate it in your program. PMAP creates a complete listing of the executable program produced by. Give them to the appropriate person. Retrieve a copy of the layout of the database you are using. The below tutorial gives brief overview of Easytrieve.


How to Write a Simple Easytrieve Program

Subparameter ‘R’ specifies that the new program replaces an existing program. FLOW activates a trace of the statements being executed.

See tips to find out why. Establishes parameters for the program. Editing a dataset File-Aid: Each title line is centered easyttrieve the title area of the report unless we. MOVE statement moves a string from one variable to another.

Easytrieve | Use this code

When you program you are creating a map and you can’t leave out any steps or you certainly won’t end up where you want to be. STATE saves the statement number of the statement currently being.

Default is Ascending order. The hyphen indicates that the statement continues with the first position.

Default report heading for a field easytrkeve the field name. CLIST creates a condensed listing of the executable program produced. This will be the place where you send your results. Newer Post Older Post Home. When defining the field, you can specify the default heading.


Understand what you need.

An introduction to Easytrieve. Make sure you understand the scope of the job.

You need to correct your mistakes and run the Easytrieve program again until you get the results you are seeking. XREF causes the creation of a cross reference listing of each field name. Mainframe Tips, Tricks And Tutorials.

Easytrieve programs –

Whatever the limitations are you want to add them in your program before you go any farther. These could range from not indicating the database you are seeking correctly to simply wording a step incorrectly. Post a Comment Note: This could be your customer or your supervisor.